Why does the child love the nanny more than the parents?

No matter how insulting it may sound, but a nanny is a replacement for the closest people for a baby, when parents, for certain reasons, cannot devote much time to education.

Weekends in this case become valuable for the whole family, however, the little capricious is not too happy – he can often ask the same question – “when will the nanny come?”. This happens for many reasons. Firstly, parents choose the best of the best governesses. Sometimes, even better than her parents, she can be softer in the process of upbringing and reasonable, which, of course, is liked by everyone around her.

The child, noticing the differences, does not think that the nanny should be like this, because this is her job. The baby sees the main differences, such as kindness and excellent skills in dealing with children, therefore, he becomes so attached to her. Another reason may be hidden in the wrong actions of the governess, if the parent forbids drinking store-bought juice, but the nanny allows it.

This is where a real conflict can occur, and if the established rules are really violated, this is no longer a sign of professionalism, but a way to stay in the workplace through harm.

Finding out what is actually happening is quite simple – just spend a couple of “unplanned” weekends with the nanny and the baby. In any case, during this time all the shortcomings will be revealed, or vice versa, only advantages.

How to respond to the fact that the child wants to spend more time with the nanny? Depends on the reason for this behaviour. On the positive side, asking the nanny for help, she must constantly point out who his parents are and why they cannot spend more time with the child. When the nanny “goes too far”, a strict conversation about her duties is necessary. Leaving is not the best approach.

Of course, not all people change and not immediately, however, before depriving her of her job, weigh the pros and cons. Perhaps the biggest advantage here is that the child is just used to her, she knows his character and can easily calm him down. You can read more about why a nanny becomes the best in the eyes of a child here .