Why babies are born prematurely – 5 reasons

The birth of a child prematurely is undesirable, since the baby will not go through an easy recovery path and what the outcome will be, even experts are not able to accurately predict. What leads to premature birth? In addition to chronic diseases, doctors also note factors that are simple at first glance.

1. Refusal to visit a doctor

About once a month you should visit a specialist so that you do not miss important studies. Conducted tests allow you to identify problems with your health or your baby in time.

Regular consultation provides an opportunity to learn about the causes of poor health and how to deal with them. Failure to communicate with a doctor can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as the birth of a child with a chronic disease or premature birth.

2. Physical activity

Moderate physical activity does not harm pregnancy, but constant stress such as professional sports, many hours of climbing stairs and lifting weights are unacceptable. Adapt all types of gymnastics to your position, if this is not done, the risk of having a baby prematurely will increase.

3. Stress

Premature birth is facilitated by prolonged experiences. The body releases adrenaline during stress, which in turn causes the uterus to contract. To avoid conflict situations, try to communicate less with negative people and learn to relate to various events calmly.

4. Poor nutrition

Proper nutrition is the key to the health of any person. For a pregnant woman, diet is especially important, since nutrients come only through food. The lack of a varied menu leads to disturbances in the development of the fetus, and hence the possibility of the birth of a premature baby.

5. Caries

Visit your dentist about once a month to avoid dental problems. This is important because germs in damaged teeth easily enter the circulation and then to the baby through the placenta.

Experts say that even ordinary tartar leads to the threat of abortion. You can read about what health problems a child born prematurely has here .