What to read to a preschooler: a recommended list of books

The article will be useful to all mothers who ask themselves the question – what poems to read to a child before school, because all children are different and what is interesting to one may be completely uninteresting to another. We have collected the best books with poems for children, which perfectly develop memory, imagination, and contribute to the development of personality.

Stupid horse, Vadim Levin

An amazing book for the youngest readers, in which each poem is a separate cognitive story. These instructive ballads are written in simple and understandable language with an excellent dose of humor and irony. Unusual funny illustrations make this book even more interesting.

Children adore her and can look at funny animals for a long time, houses with rickety roofs, snow that looks like weightless cotton wool. Such books help to form a sense of humor, non-standard thinking and logic.

I want to see my mother, Julia Donaldson

This is an informative, touching and colorful book about how a baby monkey got lost, and a little moth wants to help find her mother. The monkey tells what she is, and the moth, according to the description, shows her different birds, animals and insects.

In the place where you need to name a certain animal in the text, you can pause and the children will enthusiastically finish the phrase on their own. For example: “Is this a mother, is it …”, and the children answer: “frog”, “elephant”, “snake”. A very kind, tender story about love for mother, family, kindness, mutual assistance.

The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson

The magical world of Julia Donaldson knows no bounds. The Gruffalo is one of the most popular books, translated into over 100 languages. The plot is simple, but at the same time with a pleasant and unusual ending – a story about a mouse who invented a monster for himself to protect himself from predators in the forest, and then met him in real life. Poems are easy to read and quickly remembered by children.

Chelovetkin, Julia Donaldson

An unusual story, the main character is a stick man. Yes, yes, at first glance, the book may seem very strange and specific. Nevertheless, the children are delighted with the main character, with awe and emotions they follow all the adventures of Chelovetkin. After reading this book, children noticeably change their attitude towards twigs, leaves, sticks and the surrounding nature.

The Dog Isn’t The One, Rob Biddulph

This sunny book with magical illustrations tells young readers about the importance of being yourself in this life. A philosophical fairy tale with a deep meaning in a very easy presentation for children’s perception and understanding.

Charming dog at one moment felt like an outcast and went in search of a place where people like him live. At the end of your journey, hearing the main phrase: “You are unique. Be yourself.” he understands that being different from others and unique is wonderful, and standing out from the crowd is not scary, but necessary.

Agniya Barto

Poems, time-tested, on which not a single generation has grown. “Tanya”, “A bull is swinging”, “The hostess abandoned the bunny”, “Lyubochka” – childhood begins with the lines of these poems. Therefore, without a doubt, the book should be in every family. Simple rhymes, life situations and light poetic rhythm make the collection dearly loved by both parents and children.

Snail and Whale, Julia Donaldson

A riot of colors combined with a lot of smart and kind thoughts make this book one of the TOP favorites. On the back of the cover there is an inscription that she won a certain BBC competition as the best to read aloud. It is well deserved, since the rhythm of the poem is quite diverse, allowing you to change intonation, place accents when reading, making the text more emotional.

A kind, instructive story about a tiny snail who dreams of seeing the world and a giant whale who helped her dream come true.

Timothy Scott, Julia Donaldson

A touching story in verse, touches on important topics – friendship, love, loyalty, devotion and happiness. We are adults, sometimes we don’t know how to quickly and correctly answer children’s questions or explain the current situation. And that’s when books like this come to the rescue.

So easily, simply, in poetic form, Donaldson talks about how the cat Timothy Scott faces a difficult choice – a family or a true friend? It seems like it’s impossible to choose. But there is always a way out.

Finally, we note the eternal classics – Chukovsky’s poems, funny poems are easy to remember and return to distant childhood, when we ourselves read them at a matinee in kindergarten.