What to do with a child on the street: 15 creative ideas

In good weather, no one likes to stay at home, especially in the warm season, ideal for outdoor recreation. In addition to the usual games on the playground, there are many others that help to strengthen the emotional connection, friendship and just a good mood.

1. Falling bubbles

Set up the bubbles by placing the players in a line close to any barrier or barrier that is the target for the bubbles to hit. Which of the children will be able to blow a soap bubble that will reach the goal, he won. You can also place flags on the lawn at a certain distance, the winner is the one whose bubble flew away or fell further. It is better to play in calm weather.

2. Paper boat race

Make paper boats and place them on the water in the kiddie pool, but we recommend going where there is a small stream so the kids can run after their creation. If the boat reaches its destination first and, most importantly, unharmed, the child receives a reward, for example, mother’s kiss)

3. Outdoor games with a child – reading under the sky

Love to read? Take a blanket, pillows and boldly go on a journey through the pages of the magical world of fairy tales with the children. It will be an incredible adventure, and in the evening, when the stars light up in the clear sky, the fairy tale will turn into reality. Child doesn’t like books? Make up your own story by looking at the shapes of the clouds.

4. Competition of dancing on the grass

Who said that only a stage or a special club is suitable for dancing rhythms? Green lawn is the best place for this! Plus, it’s very spacious. Turn on the music on your smartphone and let the kids show off their talent.

5. Observations of nature

Provide your children with a magnifying glass and invite them on an educational trip in search of insects. You can consider not only bugs, the structure of leaves, blades of grass, fragrant flowers – all this is useful for general development and, of course, a pleasant pastime.

6. Making wreaths

If the child is tired of watching nature, invite him to create a unique decoration – weave a wreath of dandelions or ears of corn. Finding the right “material”, getting the perfect decorative piece is a real treat for little ladies.

7. Family camp

Set up a tent in the garden. When possible, you can light a fire, cook sausages or slices of bread, dine with the whole family to the sound of a guitar, camping children’s songs. You can also go hiking, taking with you a thermos, small sandwiches, juice and fruit.

8. Fitness test

What to do with children on the street, if they are very mobile today? Set a lane with rocks, boxes, bottles across a garden path or lawn. For children, such a task will be a real challenge and fun at the same time.

9. Body painting

Let the children color themselves – arms, legs, face. Don’t be afraid that they will be dirty. Use finger paint that is easy to wash off and does not cause allergies. In addition to the body, you can paint an interesting shape of pebbles, but with gouache, warning in advance which paint is intended for what.

10. Work in the garden or garden

Young children like to monitor the growth of plants, water them, remove small weeds. In addition, they can grow vegetables or herbs on their own, small plot or decorate it with decorative elements. Such entertainment is a wonderful experience that is easy to diversify with songs.

11. Treasure map

Valuables are hidden in advance in different corners of the yard or other area, the map you compiled will serve as a guide. The more hidden treasures, the more time will be left for your rest.🙂

12. Map of parks

Make a list of all the parks in the city and visit them with your child. Mark for yourself their location, the uniqueness of the place, attractions. Mark on a large sheet the visited parks, divided into groups – the most beautiful vegetation, the best playground, the best bike paths, etc.

13. Photo diary

Encourage your child to take several photos of nature throughout the day, such as trees, birds, clouds in the sky. This will create a wonderful album of memories associated with a walk, home, family communication. For a change, prepare your costumes by setting up a photo session in a picturesque location.

14. Desert Islands

Find a place with a lot of earth or sand, give the children buckets of water and offer to build an island. Let them decorate them with branches, flower petals, pebbles, shells, leaves.

15. Playing outside with a child – building a castle

Build a fort or castle out of empty cardboard boxes. Place them in the garden, have the little naughty paint them to your liking, then build a tall tower.

Recommended: attention games

The last, perhaps the most fun way to spend time, is moving on a mat on the grass. The child sits on his knees, rests his hands on the ground and makes movements to move forward. Thus, competitions “who is faster” are arranged. Ideal for active kids.