What to do if the child does not like brushing his teeth

The snow-white teeth of the baby are vulnerable to external influences, so it is necessary to teach the child to hygiene as early as possible. If the baby refuses to brush his teeth, this is easily corrected using an approach that is interesting for him.

1. Beautiful toothbrush

It is important for a child that the thing he uses is not only bright, but also beloved. Choose a toothbrush with him and pay attention to the shape – convenience, another guarantee that the baby will pick it up more often.

2. We brush our teeth with the whole family

After waking up, go brush your teeth with the whole family, when the crumb follows you, no need to joke with him or drive him away, pretending that the bath is only for those who care for their teeth. Skip ahead and start brushing your teeth in the form of a game of “who will have whiter.”

3. Watch cartoons and read

Read books and watch cartoons on the topic of milk teeth care, bright pictures and prominent characters will leave more impressions than a regular story. Discuss the information received, perhaps the child will have new questions.

4. Meet the dentist

After the appearance of the first tooth, it is advisable to visit the dentist at least once a year. A consultation with a doctor will help the child understand the whole point of care, and if you are lucky with a specialist, he will complete the main task – he will most intelligibly and clearly explain why milk teeth suffer.

5. We praise correctly

Encourage the baby to feel that he is doing something important. Praise not for the general qualities “you’re great, smart girl,” etc., but for the work done with an indication of the result – “you brushed your teeth, now you have a beautiful smile.” Thus, the child will listen, accept what is said positively, and not as another moralizing.