Weaning a child from a diaper: when and the right approach

Weaning from a diaper is closely related to potty training, so that these two processes pass without any problems and quickly, it is important to understand all their nuances. For example, at what age is the baby fully ready for this event.

When to start?

First of all, you should know one thing – weaning from diapers should be when the child is ready for it. Usually, we are talking about two years for girls and three for boys, however, each of them has its own pace of development.

Babies are ready to part with a diaper when they feel a full bladder, which is impossible to consciously control in early infancy. The feeling of a full bladder is only the first stage, in the second, the baby learns to contract his muscles and only then, the baby is ready to visit the toilet room on his own.

The first signal of readiness is a dry diaper for several hours or after waking up from a night’s sleep, as well as changing it yourself.

The best time of the year for this purpose is summer, because wet pants dry out faster and the chance of a child catching a cold is very small. The disease can prevent the emergence of a new habit and all the attempts made will have to start over.


At the first stage, it is not necessary to buy a pot. It is important to tell why and why people visit the toilet room, after which they wash their hands. Calmly explain that you will remove the diaper while playing at home or in the garden, and when he wants to pee, he will sit on the potty that you buy together.

If the child clearly says no or no, leave him alone and do not talk about this topic for three to four weeks. If you agree, look at the beautiful pots in the nearest store, it will also be useful to purchase a step stand for convenient hand washing.

Be patient – no need to be zealous with praise or vice versa, an attempt to scold, the child must be ready not only physically, but also psychologically, to understand that going to the potty is not a reason to get gold medals. Showing parental pride, a good mood and a kind smile is more than enough.

What is needed to successfully complete the goal:

  • 4 – 5 shorts and how many panties
  • lack of important meetings for the entire period of accustoming
  • peace of mind of parents

How to wean a baby off a diaper in 3 days

On the first day, you go to the store to buy a potty in a diaper, invite your baby to choose from a dozen beautiful panties so that the desire is fixed. When you get home, take off your diaper and try to go all day without it, but in a rewarding way.

For example, after each successful use of the potty, throw a beautiful pebble into the jar, decorate the potty with a sticker, or give your child your hugs. A dry bed after a dinner nap is a great excuse to have a mini holiday, you can treat him to your favorite treat or go for a walk where you haven’t been yet, but for now, in a diaper.

It should also be worn at night, and at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide whether to continue the program. If tears and whims were observed, it is better to stop what has been started, postponing weaning for a couple of weeks.

The second day should be easier, especially when you notice the “schedule” by which the small body is emptied. What you notice should be announced to the child so that he also notices his schedule. Thus, wet panties will be much less. Morning should start with a visit to the toilet, even if the night diaper is wet.

Don’t forget to praise throughout the day for your efforts. On the night of that day, offer to go to bed in a diaper, if the child is against, let him sleep without it or do not insist on a night’s sleep without a diaper. Summarize the day again and decide whether you need to continue the program.

By the third day, life without a diaper becomes more confident, and the number of wet “cases” is significantly reduced. You can make a schedule for going to the potty, but remember to remind your child about it and show your joy after a successful task. On this day, try skipping the diaper at night.

Usually, on the seventh day, the baby becomes more independent and regular reminders are no longer required. To prevent fatigue and whims when a new duty appears, show endless patience and understanding, otherwise, the entire stage passed is in danger of falling apart.