We did not send the child to kindergarten – our result

It was difficult for us to get our daughter, probably this is the reason, we wanted to see how our child grows, not only how he takes his first steps, but in general, all of her development. Her endless laughter, smile, watch her grow up before our eyes.

Where to take, where is the best teacher, what to do – I carefully collected and studied all the information. I read on the Internet, asked my parents at the playground.

From the age of three, my daughter attended a developmental center where classes lasted from 9 am to 12 noon, then I took her to the state craft circle for an hour. After classes, the children went to the playground and walked together. At home, I additionally introduced her to colors, letters, numbers in a playful way. Worked according to a strict schedule with one day off. Walks in the fresh air – a total of at least five hours a day with breaks.

We managed to achieve good results – my daughter read the first syllables at 4 years old. No one forced her, she herself showed interest, but she began to fully read only at the age of six.

At the same time, we had to change our lives and come to a kindergarten, supposedly the best in our area. What I saw there:

  • children do not eat well and caregivers do not care
  • classes are conducted in such a way that most children do not listen to the teacher
  • when the check arrives, everything is perfect, but only on this day
  • so that the child sits on the potty, goes to bed – the teacher uses force

That was enough for me, I felt sorry for the children and I didn’t understand .. and went out to my parents, told them that the child had been crying all day. When my colleague, the head teacher, claimed the opposite and scolded me, proving that she had a higher education and she knew better what to talk about with her parents.

We left kindergarten after a month. Our next step was drawing. A year before the first grade (at her request), I took my daughter to an art school to play the flute. Solfeggio started at eight in the morning twice a week, I considered this a great chance to get used to early awakening and we did not ask for a different schedule.

My daughter was sick for almost the entire period of visiting the kindergarten, I treated her right there, because there was no other way out. The second period of frequent illness – after entering the art school at the age of six. Therefore, we added swimming.

During her studies on the musical instrument, she performed on stage several times, received diplomas, sang in the choir at the city festival. But unfortunately, because of the wind instrument, headaches began and we had to change the department to art, because my daughter refused to choose another instrument. In the same year, we went to a sports school for swimming.

I had a choice – to leave the child in kindergarten and go to work or continue our independent development. I decided on the second option, and worked as a freelancer. Now I understand that if I went to work offline, most likely, my daughter would not attend swimming and drawing, because I have no assistants.

Then, I fell under the condemnation of others – what will you do next? Think of yourself and so on… And who will think of my child if not myself? I do not regret anything – certificates, first – third places, my daughter’s medals – the best reward for me for all the difficulties.
In the first grade and subsequent ones, there were no problems with adaptation, health, or behavior. At the moment, my daughter is in the fourth grade, she is sociable, rarely gets sick, she has many friends in all three schools) I can’t say that she is smarter than others, but of course, I am proud of her.