Third trimester of Elizabeth’s pregnancy

The third trimester has begun, the birth is already close and I am looking forward to them. Almost everyone I meet asks me a question about how I feel.

The stomach no longer fits into any clothes, looking in the mirror I can’t believe what I see – well, a real hippopotamus! So I have not yet gained excess weight, thanks to trips to nature! I really hope that the weight after childbirth will return to my family 50 kg. Sometimes I feel ashamed that they let me in line at the checkout, even if my mother is standing next to me with a child, all attention is paid to me.

Helpful tips from girlfriends

While attending antenatal courses, I made new friends, we give birth at about the same time, so we have a lot in common. The choice of the maternity hospital was not too easy, the frightening and at the same time positive reviews about the doctors completely confused me. Among my acquaintances there were also accomplished mothers, their advice also put me into a stupor. Masha, talking about her birth, strongly recommended not to give up anesthesia , and Vika scared her with a story about terrible pain, almost to the point of fainting, and that it can be experienced without anesthesia. It was not clear to me – who should I listen to?

Joint birth

I’m terribly afraid of childbirth and one thing I know for sure – I don’t want to be there alone. At first, my husband refused the idea of ​​joint childbirth, but I explained to him how important the support of a loved one is to me at a time when everything hurts and shakes with fear. Labor will begin very soon, Braxton-Hicks contractions appear more and more often. The end of pregnancy is near. Comparing myself with others, I notice that I am more fortunate – I do not have varicose veins, hair above the upper lip and other troubles. A slight swelling of the face and increased sweating are now not so upsetting.

Third trimester of pregnancy – songs to the stomach

Strokes, songs and tales. The kid is clearly begging for them when he kicks painfully, and sometimes I even see a bulge on his stomach, probably this is his arm or leg. It’s funny, but when I talk to the baby or sing, he calms down, as if listening. Back pain appeared a couple of weeks ago and began to intensify, no massages and exercises can reduce it.


Increasingly, I prefer to stay at home, especially after I stumbled out of the blue in the park and almost fell, it’s good that my mother was there, no one knows how it would end. When I complained to the doctor, she said that clumsiness is normal, you just need to be careful. Recently I spilled hot tea on the keyboard, but despite this, it continues to function. Cutlery constantly fly out of hands, and not only during washing. I go to courses for expectant mothers twice a week, do gymnastics there and learn how to breathe correctly, it seems to me that this is very useful. When I come home, I try to pass on the acquired knowledge to my husband.

I worry about the financial well-being of our family after the birth of a child, whether my husband will cope with such a load. Friends and relatives support us in any way they can, everyone gives us vests and romper suits, we have gathered a whole package of children’s things in neutral colors. Successful parents whose children have grown from the crib and stroller are ready to give us everything. The gender of our child is not yet known, it will be a good surprise for us.


Ultrasound showed that we have a girl! Little, pretty girl! But everyone was talking about the boy! The head is low, the baby is ready for childbirth, the specialist tells me. The daughter hid her gender almost until the very birth.


The joint birth was more or less standard, I breathed as I was taught, the discomfort turned out to be not so terrible, anesthesia was not required – instead I practiced different poses . My husband gave me great support and even persuaded the doctor not to put an oxytocin drip, at that time we both understood that it would be superfluous. When I gave birth to a daughter … I could not hold back my tears, this is really real happiness! All that we have experienced together, all my whims, broken dishes, headaches and nausea in the morning … For the sake of the baby, I am ready to survive even more! Our little happiness is looking at us and this look is like the universe, my daughter is trying to smile … she is priceless.