The future of the child is not recorded in the school diary

Children, even when they are young, are exposed to a lot of pressure from school, partly as a way to develop responsibility and improve resilience to stress. But it is also true that such a phenomenon increases the feeling of tension, which causes various reactions in the child.

This is especially noticeable when parents and teachers lose sight of the value of the school process and focus only on test scores or annual results. The diary is just a piece of paper, not a judge announcing a decision.

Children trust us. They believe our words and this belief is carried through all life. Tell the child that he is a fool and he will certainly become one. Such words are best avoided.

A modest child, who was distinguished by unsociableness and inattention, actively answered in the history lesson, the whole class applauded. How did the student feel? Confusion and delight at the same time – he remembered the material and can tell it, the first sprouts of confidence in his abilities appeared.

However, the teacher felt that the answers were not smooth enough, and the speech was knocked down. And with the words – “Well, I’ll put four”, killed all thoughts that he is still a capable student.

Subsequently, the child was disgusted with the subject of the story. However, school failures do not prevent him now from traveling and working in a large company that he opened.

A child has a huge choice, he can leave school with poor grades, but knowledge in the area that interests him most. He may become a firefighter or an architect, perhaps a judge or the best hairdresser in his area, he will travel or write books, play the violin, piano or drums. The list is endless.

Your child is not five, not four or three, but a person who can achieve everything, his life will not revolve around these numbers. What is the main thing then? Just life, interesting, varied, full of impressions. This is what schoolchildren need, and not many hours of cramming.