The child was caught having sex: what to do

How to talk to a child about sex? Especially after that awkward situation when he caught you? Can this situation scare him and how to behave correctly.

Such stories happen. If the daughter or son doesn’t look shocked, don’t worry. But if there is fear, you cannot ignore the feelings. To a toddler who has no idea what happened, adult lovemaking can seem aggressive, and sighs are a reaction to pain rather than pleasure. Explain that you are healthy and unharmed, just kissing and hugging like all parents do.

The child was caught having sex – what to say

It depends on age. Children under three years old, as a rule, are not interested in details. When you find the elder, tell no more than he asks. When explaining some erotic moments, always emphasize the emotional side of the relationship. For example, when a toddler sees a sex scene from a movie and asks, “What are they doing?” Answer: “They love each other.” If that’s not enough, add that loving people like to kiss and cuddle in bed. This will allow you to get out of the situation – to answer honestly, without going into details.

The baby asks where did he come from? First, ask him what he thinks about it. If he insists on your explanations, tell about the existence of two cells in the body of mom and dad, these cells meet when people kiss in bed.

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The child was caught during sex – the correct reaction

Children are not born with shame, we instill it, so be calm. Do not show with your appearance that human anatomy is a forbidden topic, at this stage, the attitude of the baby to intimate situations in the future depends on you. If a child older than 11 saw you, most likely he has already heard about this process from his peers. Remain calm and in the case when the child is caught having sex and knows everything about intimate relationships between spouses, explain that it brings pleasure when people are in love and are old enough.

The correct reaction if the child is caught during sex:

  1. Don’t ignore questions about sex.
  2. Do not get angry if the baby asks uncomfortable questions.
  3. If you find it difficult to talk about it, ask your partner about it.
  4. Don’t lie, tell the truth, age appropriate.
  5. Don’t punish curiosity.
  6. Don’t perpetuate the belief that sex is bad and undesirable.
  7. Look for good books that will properly reveal the secrets of intimate relationships.

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