The child sucks his thumb: get rid of a bad habit

The thumb is an indispensable sedative. Sometimes an ordinary pacifier saves from a bad habit. But what if the pacifier doesn’t help? Is thumb sucking good or bad?

There are children who suck their fingers before birth, and then continue to do so from about the second month of life outside the mother’s body. Babies are small mammals, and when satiation comes, they continue to suckle, which replaces the mother’s breast and represents a sense of security.

The child finds that with a finger in his mouth, he falls asleep faster and calms down. A little later, the finger is replaced by a pacifier, but not all babies accept it – some prefer a warm and never lost reliable “friend”.

The child sucks his thumb – the consequences

Why do parents struggle with this habit? Because in society it causes disgust or pity for the “starving” child. Other causes are redness in a moist area of ​​the skin and problems with the jaw or teeth in the future. Meanwhile, if there is no redness, there is nothing to worry about, and dentists say that sucking fingers does not harm the development of bite and speech, if there are no problems with the structure of the jaw.

When there is a slight deformation, the defect may worsen, so here the predilection should be reduced to absence. The most dangerous consequence of thumb sucking is a disease that can be caught through dirty hands, which is very difficult to avoid on the playground or in the kindergarten – even at home washing hands every five minutes is not always convenient. Based on this, we can confidently say that it is desirable not to experience immunity and quickly rid the child of “harmfulness” with the help of parental affection and attention.

This habit strengthens and weakens over time. Children who master crawling have no time to be distracted, but as soon as the skill is acquired, the kids return to their favorite finger again. At the age of two years, they again lose interest in this activity, but it can manifest itself in case of hunger, thirst, fatigue or stress. Parental attention in these moments will save the baby from the need to calm himself.

How to help a child

If a child constantly sucks his fingers, does not respond to toys and adult appeals, then this really becomes a problem. To solve it, you should not resort to punishments in the form of hot pepper or sour lemon on small palms. Now more care is needed, because such concentration is a sign of increased anxiety and a lack of communication with loved ones.

By interacting with the baby, you distract him from loneliness and calm him down, which is the best ally in getting rid of this manner. In addition to lack of love, there are other reasons – for example, when it is hot or cold, the desire to eat. Determine in which situations the child often resorts to “sedation” and try to reduce their number.

The child sucks his fingers – video