The child is sick, the mother is working: what to do

The illness of the baby is distressing, because it is not always possible to leave him at home for treatment. A pre-drawn action plan will save time in this situation and not lose your job.

1. Discuss the situation with your superiors

Consult with the director in advance about a possible “truancy” due to the illness of the baby. Perhaps he needs to know that you will not be there a few hours before the opening, but a day before. It is better to report this not through a WhatsApp group or SMS, but by calling. Ask if you can continue your work remotely. Then you don’t have to take sick leave.

2. Be friends with colleagues

If you work in shifts, try to arrange with a colleague that she will replace you or redirect phone calls to your home number. Do not forget that in turn, you are also obliged to replace the employee at her request.

3. Reach out to loved ones

There are times when you can’t do without you at work. Only you can solve certain problems. Ask for help from relatives – husband, brother, grandmother. To all who live nearby There 🙂will definitely be those who are freer than you. Make a plan for how to treat the baby, especially if an elderly person will sit with him.

4. Connect with other parents

Does the child go to kindergarten? Usually, children get sick in one period of time and you have a chance to arrange with one of the mothers to sit for a couple of days with the children – her child and yours. Someday you will replace the mother who helped.

5. Ask the neighbors

It can be a student or a pensioner with a share of free time. There are advantages here – the child knows this person and he lives next to the house / apartment, which means that if you have a student, a neighbor can visit the child to check if he took the medicine. Do you know why children often get sick? Read about it here .