The child is not obliged to share: it is his decision

There are so many different situations on the playground that they cannot fit into one article, so today we will consider only one, perhaps the most popular.

Came to the playground, your child or someone else does not want to share toys. At the same time, the baby uses the objects of other children. What is bad and what is good about it? Why is this situation so often condemned by others?

The child does not have to share, because it is his decision and he knows better which position to choose. He has favorite things, he protects them and does not want anyone else to touch them. Such a decision is absolutely normal even for an adult. Also, in the adult world, the desire not to share with others is not limited to objects. So why is the child condemned if it is his right? It is also a sign of proper mental development. The kid already understands a lot and is able to draw the right conclusions.

How to Avoid Judgment

If a child has such favorite things that he is not ready to share them, then why take them where there are many children. Explain that if he takes a toy with him when he goes to the playground or kindergarten, he should not show it to everyone so as not to offend other children with his refusal. It is very important to teach the child to understand the feelings of others. Otherwise, a little egoist will soon appear in your house.

If another child does not share toys, there is no need to think anything bad. Tell your frustrated baby that he also has his favorite, the only things left at home, but this baby decided to take a walk with them, we respect his right not to share a car or a doll.