The child is afraid of tests: what to do

School inspections are the most responsible time for students. How to make it less traumatic for the whole family? Let’s listen to the opinion of psychologists.

Available research shows that social support is especially important in stressful life situations – the belief that there are friendly people around us on whom we can rely greatly improves our lives. Both before and after the controls, elementary and middle school students’ stress levels reach their zenith. How not to be afraid of control? What actions should parents take and what should they avoid? Here are some helpful tips:

1. During a period of excessive stress, the most important thing for a child is to ensure that parents believe in his success and, regardless of the result, will remain best friends.

2.  Is the child afraid of tests? Offer to help prepare for such an important test. Perhaps the child will refuse, but he will be convinced that he can turn to you for advice at any time.

3. The preparation period is the dilem time. The child doubts whether he will cope with the task and whether his memory will fail. Remind yourself of previous successes and highlight your strengths.

4.  Sometimes, preparation gives the impression of a struggle for survival. Explain that there is always a second option and life does not depend on the outcome of the test. This way of thinking will reduce stress levels .

5. Do not push, children are afraid of control, because they are afraid of the reaction of their parents in case of failure. Limit yourself in your ambitions so as not to harm your beloved child.

6. Don’t be afraid of the consequences. Your child is aware of the seriousness of the situation, so increasing his fears will not lead to success.

7.  If a student is afraid of tests, do not compare your student with others. There is no better way to hinder learning than by comparing yourself to classmates who are doing better academically.

8. There are many ways to relieve stress and one of them is visualization. Ask the student to imagine a specific situation that reduces anxiety. In this case, you can imagine that the control has already passed.

9.  To reduce test anxiety, make sure your child doesn’t leave the house without breakfast. A complete diet consisting of cereals, fruits, nuts and milk perfectly energizes. Whereas the lack of nutrients in the body, on the contrary, reduces concentration, leads to chronic fatigue and depression.

10. Keep track of the number of hours spent on textbooks, especially if the child is preparing for the final test. Two hours a day with breaks of 20 minutes is enough to remember the information for a long time. In addition, the sleep regimen is important, without which the work of the brain will not be sufficiently effective.

And most importantly, treat the student and academic performance as positively as possible. Deuce? Let’s fix it! Afraid of a test? Let’s get ready and tune in! Nothing terrible will happen if the parent provides all possible assistance and support.