The child does not want to sleep – 5 ways to calm the baby before bed

The baby has received so many emotions that he cannot fall asleep or simply does not want to sleep despite the parent’s requests. How to calm the baby imperceptibly for him and without nerves?

1. Turn off your TV, hide your gadgets

Two hours before bedtime, remove everything that can excite the nervous system. TV, phone and tablet are the main enemies of sleep for young children. Also, hide the flashing and sound toys, they are definitely not needed now.

2. Speak softly

No need to shout and punish, speak peacefully, as if you were talking to a newborn. The calm timbre of mother’s voice soothes from the first days of life and quickly sets you up for sleep. Hug your child and whisper a rhyme or lullaby to him.

3. Turn down the light

Darkness often frightens the crumbs, but diffused light gently immerses them in dreams. Special lamps help well – projectors of the night sky with planets and stars. So that the baby is not afraid of shadows, show him how they easily turn into good creatures.

4. Ask loved ones not to make noise

It will be better if the spouse turns off the computer, and the grandmother does not watch her favorite series, since all these examples are a signal for the child that you can not sleep.

5. Send toys to bed

Before going to bed, it is advisable to perform rituals, such as bathing, reading, putting toys to bed. These daily activities are great for relaxing the child. Forming the habit of going to bed at the same time is very important for children. Thus, they fall asleep under any circumstances, even if sounds are heard from the next room. Good sleep is the basis for proper development, the opinion of experts on how many hours a child should sleep is here .