The child does not want to go to school: the main reasons

What to do if your child does not want to go to school? When you hear a complaint about a headache again, do not rush to conclusions, try to find the cause.

It is important to first find out what is happening in a tender child’s soul and whether everything is in order with his health, especially for children over 12 years old, when the student feels the transition to adolescence.

The first recommendation is not to find out the details in case of a bad mood, both yours and the child’s. If you can’t find out the reason in a family setting, talk to his teachers, maybe they noticed something and this will be of all possible help in understanding the situation.

The child does not want to go to school: common reasons

There are a number of main factors that manifest themselves as a barrier to school attendance, we will consider each case in detail.

  • Fear of being alone

Some children simply find it more difficult to get out of the familiar environment, they want to be close to their parents. It also manifests itself during exciting events, such as moving or transferring to another school. Joint activities will help to fix the problem: daily walks in the park, interest in the child’s hobbies, trips to the museum.

Say goodbye correctly, explain when you meet from school, warn in advance that you might be late. Before parting, tell a funny story that will cheer you up.

  • bullying

Children become insecure and reluctant to go to school when they are bullied. Usually classmates know about this and teachers notice, so they should be contacted first.

After finding out the details, call the parents of bullies, often they have no idea about the behavior of their child. Learn more about what to do if your child is being bullied at school in our article .

  • Concern about learning outcomes

A small percentage of children are afraid of failure, others do not do well in class because they do not understand the teacher’s explanations.
Explain to your child that making mistakes is not bad, if the teacher is overly strict, discuss with him the possibility of a more loyal approach.

  • Too many incentives

A class of thirty students, difficult tests, preparations for the holiday: all of the above and other similar events can be the main reason for not visiting any place outside the home. Do not try to “stir up” the child. Spend time quietly, reading books, watching cartoons. Create a calm atmosphere to reduce nervous tension.

  • Bad classroom atmosphere

Every year in most schools there are new teachers and students, rarely, but everything happens when one person becomes an unpleasant memory for your child. Sometimes half of the class turns out to be socially unadapted, and such behavior as condemnation, small unpleasant actions negatively affect the overall impression of the school.

It is not always possible to change classes or schools, but it will be possible to improve the atmosphere with the right approach. We are talking about holding a meeting with parents and teachers of the class, conversations with a school psychologist and director. Attracting public attention will not be the best solution, but as a drastic and last measure, it will be ideal.

Teach your child to behave nobly, to fight back so that the one who starts a quarrel does not dare to repeat it again.

We live in a social world and the child will have to adapt to it, at least at the first stage of his life. All we can do is to make this path easier, to pay attention to the difficulties and help to cope with them without judgment. We are all different, and your child may be more sensitive than others, help him maintain this quality with your benevolent approach to education.