The child does not like to bathe: 8 ways to fix it

Has your child gone on strike and is refusing water treatments? We know tricks that will convince the kid that it’s fun!

The child does not like to swim? Pay attention to the moment when he starts to act up. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he is cold or hot, but he is not yet able to say about it.

There is also a banal reason – pain in the eyes from getting soap, then he will completely bypass the bathroom. It will not be easy to encourage bathing after a failure, but correcting mistakes will help restore former joy.

1. Turn on the heater in the bathroom and heat it up to 22-24°C. Before bathing a child, check the temperature of the water, the allowable is about 37 ° C.

2. Protect your eyes, many babies do not like to swim and refuse, because they cannot stand shampoo or a large stream of water in their eyes. Wash your hair not in the shower, but under the tap or using a ladle. Make sure the shampoo doesn’t sting your eyes.

3. Take care of safety in the bathroom. If it is slippery, the child risks losing control of his body and getting scared. Place an anti-slip mat on the bottom of the tub.

4. Change the time. Bathing before bed is relaxing, but the child will be tired and cranky at this time.

5.  Baby refuses to bathe? Invite toys! Bathing in the company with your favorite toys will be more fun, and the baby will be convinced that water is great!

6. Allow experiments. Buy toys – puzzles that stick to the wall, fizzy bombs, safe dyes. Ping-pong balls float perfectly, fishing will take a long time, and you can also catch fish in a transparent bag. The possibilities are endless!

7. Stay calm. If you are nervous at the thought of bathing, the baby will feel it and will again refuse water procedures. How does he know about your nervousness?

The movements will be sharp, the sentences short, and the intonation in the voice will change. The child may be afraid not only of water, but also of losing contact with the mother. Try to calm down and speak kindly.

8. If the child does not like to bathe despite all the measures taken, wait a few days. Next time, offer your baby to dry off with a damp towel.

It is likely that after the “dry cleaning” the capricious will forget about the problem that was bothering him and will react positively to the offer to take a shower.