The baby wakes up early in the morning – how to prolong his sleep

Babies up to three years old are so curious that waking up at six or seven in the morning seems normal to them, they sincerely do not understand why mom and dad are still sleeping when there are so many interesting things in the world. Simple actions will help prolong the sleep of the child and all household members.

  1. Differences between daytime and nighttime sleep. Sometimes, the child wakes up and starts making noise because he does not understand the difference between daytime and nighttime sleep. To instill this knowledge in him, do not observe perfect silence during the afternoon rest and do not close the curtains tightly. Before going to bed, stick to the rules – a warm bath, soft lamplight, a bedtime story. Thus, the baby will quickly understand the difference and at the next early awakening, you will be able to clearly explain to the baby why six in the morning is not the best time to play.
  2. Protect the room from light. Before going to bed, make sure that the curtains do not let light into the room. If the curtains are too thin, replace them or install additional blinds. The darkness in the room greatly increases the chances that waking up, the child will again plunge into the world of dreams.
  3. Change your bedtime. If you know how much time the child sleeps, you can easily adjust the mode. For example, when sleep lasts 12 hours, put the baby in such a way that he is already asleep at nine in the evening, but remember that you should also fall asleep at this time, otherwise you still won’t get enough sleep.
  4. Day dream. The child can get enough sleep during the day, and at night, strive to explore the environment. The recommended daytime rest time for two years is no more than a couple of hours, if he sleeps longer – do not be afraid to wake him up. Over time, the sleep time allotted for daytime rest will be remembered by a small organism and the baby will wake up on its own.

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