Second child: when to decide, the gap between children

Most families are not limited to one child, which is certainly correct. Brothers and sisters, no matter how they quarreled, will still remain the closest and dearest, will help each other in difficult times and protect.

This often raises the question – when to give birth to a second child? Are there any solutions, recommendations based on experience or research for this?

When can I have a second child – physiology

There is no ideal interval between the birth of children and it largely depends on the psychological state of the woman. Obstetricians recommend waiting at least 24 months after the first birth to avoid health problems for the mother and unborn baby.

If the birth took place with complications or ended with a caesarean section, the specified period can be extended up to 60 months.

Such breaks are explained by the need to restore the body, the duration may vary for various reasons.

Violation of the above terms increases the risk of death among infants and women in labor, the occurrence of anemia, hypertension and worsening of chronic diseases in the mother.

In addition, the researchers noticed the fact of the birth of small children, with an interval equal to less than a year and a half.

On the other hand, when re-pregnancy is delayed, the risk of diabetes and preeclampsia increases every five years, which also leads to low birth weight or preterm birth.

Speaking about the psychological comfort of the mother, we mean such factors as financial well-being, a calm atmosphere in the family, and a willingness to take on additional burdens. When all of the above has only positive aspects, motherhood brings only joy.

A small age difference between children – advantages and disadvantages

The small age difference contributes to the bonding between siblings as they go through almost the same stages of life. The difficulties that have arisen often unite children, and rivalry becomes a worthy advantage for development.

In families where children of the weather grow up, there is more order and responsibility, subject to the right approach to education.

Among the difficulties, we note the frequent disputes and the struggle for the attention of parents. Children may fight over toys, show reluctance to compromise, be jealous of a parent.

Time becomes doubly less, as well as patience. It is important to understand here that crying, diapers, wet diapers, increased expenses, sleeping and breastfeeding on a schedule or every hour are things that parents go for consciously, which means they are ready to accept and endure all the tests that are normal, and quite surmountable in our modern times.

The difference between children two or more years

In this case, the older child becomes the main assistant, he can follow the younger one so that mommy can rest for 10 minutes or go to the hairdresser.

The house will certainly be more tidy and quiet, however, the elder will certainly notice that more attention is paid to his brother or sister, and in order to distract from him, he will use all methods.

It is not difficult to avoid such a phenomenon, it is enough to devote a couple of hours a day only to the first-born, be interested in success in kindergarten or school, read bedtime stories and instill respect for the newborn.

As you can see, everywhere there are pros and cons, so the decision always remains with the parents. When the family is ready to replenish, the gap between children is not as scary as it might seem.

The right approach to your health and upbringing of children will significantly reduce the occurrence of possible troubles.