Primary school tutor: when is it really needed?

Extra activities with a child are not always as necessary as it might seem. Some parents, due to fatigue, cannot immediately understand the problem of why the child’s performance has dropped sharply, so they invite them to the house or take them to classes with other teachers.

The goal is clear – it is to improve grades and increase lost knowledge, which in most cases is really justified.

However, sometimes, additional lessons, instead of the expected effect, lead to a worsening of the situation. Let’s figure out when a tutor can become superfluous in a student’s life.

When additional classes are not needed for a primary school student

Extra foreign language or math lessons, in addition to school ones, have become more and more popular in recent years. The number of companies offering this service is constantly growing.

The desire to make the child the smartest and most successful in everything is commendable, however, there are restrictions on age, workload, and the desire of the child should also be taken into account. When he strives for completely different knowledge, and he is led against his will to music lessons, nothing good will come of it.

If a first-grader cannot write letters beautifully yet, this means that he needs time to learn, but not help from an outsider.

In addition, a tutor is not needed when health problems are observed. Dyslexia and other disorders cannot be corrected with hours of writing practice, a different approach should be sought here, starting with the appropriate treatment specialists.

A tutor is not needed even then, if the child simply lacks parental attention. Sometimes it is enough to spend a day off with your child so that he brings positive marks.

A little attention is also required for an insecure baby, perhaps the student knows everything, but doubts it, making many mistakes on tests. Fear and uncertainty prevent you from achieving better grades, not a lack of knowledge.

Motivation is the best assistant in primary school, instill confidence in yourself, respect the opinion of the child, so that he feels his strength and strives for success.

When is a tutor needed?

There are not many difficult topics to study in elementary school, but if the child shows poor results and the teacher calls to school, additional lessons are indispensable. It is possible that the class teacher can organize such classes for your child and other underachievers, which will be the best solution.

Otherwise, you will need the help of another person, preferably a close relative or acquaintance, then the child will feel more comfortable.

A tutor is needed in the primary grades, when parents do not have time or, in addition to a comprehensive school, the child attends a sports school.

A sports school requires a lot of expenses from all sides and time plays an important role. Due to fatigue and subsequent inattention, everything discussed in the lessons may be missed.

Then the student should not only rest, but also study additionally – with a class teacher or tutor at least once a week.

Once you decide to hire a tutor, make sure that their method is consistent with the school’s. The approach should be carried out with the help of textbooks only for the program that is already familiar to the child. This will save time and give a better result, after improvement, you can include other techniques for general development.