Positive thinking: for the child and parents

Children are our reflection. It may seem that the little bully has nothing to do with his family, however, this is far from the case. All the thoughts of the child, the ability to communicate with people and his actions come from the environment.

Instilling positive thinking is one of the main tasks of parents. If you believe that positive thoughts attract success, then you are very lucky. Not everyone is of this opinion. Sometimes, the story of a lucky accident leads to a stupor – people who are used to thinking negatively will say that this is fiction. Another person will believe and rejoice. Why is there such a big difference between them?

A positive person grew up in a family where loved ones used to look at everything from the positive side. The second option is that an event happened in his life that “turned over” his consciousness. As a rule, this is a very difficult life situation from which it was possible to emerge victorious.

Looking at difficulties from the positive side is a real talent. You need to be strong to learn this, but if you learn and pass this skill on to your child, you can be sure that his life will be brighter and much easier compared to most.

A positive person looks at everything as a valuable experience. All difficulties are necessary for us in order for us to discover wisdom for ourselves, they help us to better understand people. Deception and betrayal are also positive experiences, because you found out that the person you trusted turned out to be ungrateful. Thus, you learn to understand people, understand their thoughts and actions even before you are offended again. Another good feature of a positive person is self-giving, he will not leave a friend in need, he will always support and understand without words.

Negative thinking is your main enemy. “Negative”, an enemy not only to himself, but to everyone around him. He cannot become the best friend, as his opinion is one-sided. You can’t hear from him – everything will be fine, you can handle it. Because he was used to thinking differently – to suspect everyone of deceit, not to believe in miracles, to expect a crash. Make life easier for your child. Teach him to think positively by developing his emotional intelligence.