Poor Grades in Primary School: Causes and Solutions

Most children do well in elementary school, if not excellent, but sometimes the child lacks something to get positive results. The student does not keep up with his peers, he may fall behind in school subjects, which often leads to other consequences.

Forms of unsatisfactory education

Often a child is lagging behind not only at school, ask him to clean his room and he will do it exactly for the grade that he receives in an educational institution. There are two forms of backlog – a relatively weak result and an absolute one.

The first is more often observed in girls, they simply do not strive to do the task better, think about the task a little longer, and put the books at home beautifully. “And so it will do,” they think.

Under absolutely insufficient progress is understood as a complete loss of interest in learning. There are many reasons for this and the most common in boys. In education, the focus is on absolute underachievement, but both forms are required for observation.

Children who are considered relatively poor students refuse to work to achieve a good result. Moreover, it is detrimental to motivation. Ultimately, relative indicators can become absolute.

The character of the lagging student

Children who do not have time do not take on new tasks, they hardly bring it to the end and do not ask for help. These students are easily distracted.

Any new hobby quickly becomes boring as they face little difficulty, and what is boring is not fun, so the motivation is gone.

Thus, your child has several reasons to do his best. In short, a vicious cycle has set in which ensures that your child achieves unnecessarily poor results.

Why does a child do poorly in elementary school?

There are many reasons and they are much broader than just a problem on the part of general development. Below is a list defining the base:

1. Doesn’t want to draw attention. Some kids don’t want to be “top of the class.” When you stand out, you might be called a nerd. They deliberately achieve less good results and are no different from their classmates.

2. Fear of failure. If your child is afraid of making a mistake, it is likely that this is the reason why he does not put in the effort in advance. Fear of failure can cause great tension, the child avoids difficult tasks and, as a result, marks on tests are significantly lower than his real knowledge.

3. Too easy. Some children like difficulties, if schoolwork is easy, they become uninteresting. A student can develop further by reading books, but he refuses to do the lessons, because they seem too simple to him.

A child falls behind in elementary school – possible consequences

The fact that your child does not get the highest grades in the class should not be a problem in itself, but demands from the teacher and ridicule from peers can lead to a child refusing to attend school.

Another result is incorrect, low self-esteem, increasing depression, anxiety and the emergence of excessive perfectionism. The pace of work slows down, concentration of attention decreases, the child begins to set himself too low or high goals.

In other cases, there are behavioral problems, complaints of physical discomfort. The task of parents now is to try to understand, to show maximum patience, to find out why the child is lagging behind.

Poor grades in elementary school – how to help your child

Make sure your child feels safe and comfortable at home. The lack of development in school subjects also arises because the student does not want to change, to become better than he is at the moment. He is afraid of the future, which is due to the unfavorable situation among the walls where he grows up.

Let go of the pressure. Allow yourself to rest and play, do not demand too much, otherwise you will make the situation worse. Bad grades can indicate a lack of rules and boundaries, try to reconsider your approach to parenting.

Pay attention to the words of teachers, what problems arise in the classroom, ask the teacher to help you find the right approach.

When you are advised to visit a psychologist, do not refuse, because the class teacher has enough experience to determine when a consultation with a specialist is really necessary.

We are talking about healthy children. For problems such as restlessness, inattention not associated with fatigue or poor sleep, spelling of letters in a mirror image, the qualified help of several health professionals is required.