Saving on baby diapers: how to save the family budget

Disposable diapers are one of the items a family spends the most money on during the first three years of a baby’s life. With five changes a day, it is not difficult to calculate the cost per month equal to 150 diapers. The older the child, the lower this figure, however, a tangible amount will … Read more

How to teach a preschooler to be independent: practical tips

Children who learn to solve problems on their own easily adapt in a team and maximize their own freedom, gradually gaining the confidence necessary for harmonious development. Experienced parents advise teaching independence as early as possible so that there are no problems with skills at a later age. What should preschoolers do on their own? … Read more

Gaming Addiction in Children: Signs, Causes and First Aid

The game accompanies the child from early childhood – this is a natural process of development and with age it becomes more complicated. Thanks to new technologies, games have become even more “advanced”, they still help to develop the child, but in a slightly different way. When certain rules are followed, communication with gadgets does … Read more

Alpha generation of children: character, problems and advantages in learning

At the age of three, they dismiss display notifications, learn to write with a keyboard rather than a pencil, create music videos on mobile devices at five, and are often trusted sources of technical information for parents. Children of the so-called Alpha generation, born after 2010, see technology as an integral part of their existence. … Read more

When to start raising children?

Of course, in the first few months of a baby’s life, there is no point in raising him, all he needs at this age is the care and attention of his parents. But when to start? A year or so later? Raising a child up to a year In the first months, your baby will … Read more