Mom is tired after work: how to deal with negativity

Even the work you love can lead to extreme fatigue, especially when conflicts arise with colleagues. You come home and instead of focusing on the family, you think over the conversation with an employee, boss, mentally correct mistakes, and there is a child nearby, he also has problems that he cannot figure out without your help.

In such a situation, irritation is normal, but for a baby or a schoolchild, it is not entirely clear. Resentment arises, emotional connection is lost. To avoid conflict, you need to calm down before you even come home. Take your time, after leaving the office, take a walk in the park and think things over calmly. Go to a cafe, drink a cup of coffee with your favorite treat, but in advance, warn your loved ones that you will be a little late.

Do not think that there is a lot of work at home – nothing terrible will happen if you do not have time to check the lessons or prepare lunch for tomorrow.

In the first place, there should be a family, a calm atmosphere in the house, which will be impossible when you come tired, with thoughts only of difficulties. After a walk in the fresh air, you will rest and return home with renewed vigor, which will help you calmly communicate with your family.

If thoughts about work still do not leave, tell your loved ones about it. Tell the situation, perhaps together you will find a way out and then it will become much easier. Just saying “leave me alone”, “shut up”, etc. is a big mistake.

To convey information about your condition is your main task, otherwise, relatives will not understand anything, which will lead to scandal and children’s tears. The most unpleasant thing that can happen is the punishment of the child, or rather, physical impact in order to achieve complete obedience and silence. The use of this method is unacceptable.