Maria Montessori: quotes from an educator of all time

For many years, the method of education of the Italian teacher Maria Montessori has been successfully walking around the world. The educational methods it offers have been relevant in the past, are relevant now, and will certainly remain so in the future.

Maria Montessori was guided by love and understanding, she advised to watch the child and support the preservation and acquisition of skills in a natural way. We have collected 20 of her most famous sayings / tips and invite you to read them.

  1.  Children learn everything that happens in their environment.
  2. If you often criticize a child, he learns to judge others.
  3. If you regularly praise your child, he learns to appreciate others.
  4. If the child is hostile, he learns to fight.
  5. If a child is often ridiculed, he becomes shy.
  6. If you are honest with your child, he will be fair.
  7. If a child develops in safety, he learns to trust others.
  8. If a child is often scolded, he develops an unhealthy sense of guilt.
  9. If the parent accepts the ideas of the child, he learns to respect himself.
  10. If a child is brought up in a friendly environment and feels needed, he learns to love others.
  11. Do not talk badly about your child, neither when he is around, nor without him.
  12. Focus on developing existing good qualities in the child and instilling new ones.
  13. Listen to the child and comment on his statements.
  14. Respect your child’s mistakes.
  15. Treat your child in the best way, give him the best of yourself.
  16. Be ready to help if your child asks for it.
  17. Prepare your child not for school, but for life.
  18. Forbearance brings up patience in a child.
  19. Direct but do not suppress activity.
  20. Independence is a manifestation of freedom.


What do you think of the Montessori method? Do you use it at home?