How to instill modesty in a girl: 5 easy ways

The never-ending struggle for modesty and decency between teens and parents becomes a real problem as peers and the media encourage defiant behavior.

Children aged 14-16 are increasingly striving to emphasize the attractiveness of the body in order to arouse the interest of the opposite sex without thinking that there are other safer and more adequate ways. Below are five tips to help raise a girl the right way.

1. Set the rules early

Appropriate behavior, choice of clothes can be discussed from any age. This is a normal part of parenting with a few restrictions. Take a women’s magazine and discuss with your daughter at what age ladies wear high heels, apply makeup, change their hair color. In what situations do they wear tops that expose their belly (on the beach), which skirts violate the rules of good manners.

2. Make sure your child understands why modesty is important.

Children don’t follow rules if they don’t understand their meaning. Emphasize in conversation that bold clothing choices attract the attention of immoral and potentially dangerous people. In addition, explain to the girl that modesty is not only about the wardrobe, its essence lies in behavior.

3. Boost your self-esteem

Belief in one’s own beauty is of great importance, tell the child that there is nothing wrong with a slim figure, but in order to feel valuable, it is not necessary to show it to everyone. Teach to appreciate sincerity, care, intelligence – these qualities are most important and attractive in modern society.

The girl must understand that modest clothing will help avoid the emergence of interest from those people whom she considers unworthy of attention.

4. Personal example

Girls remember the manner of communication and the clothes of their mother, therefore, first of all, you should pay attention to yourself and, if necessary, review your wardrobe and attitude towards people. Show off cartoon characters or famous actresses who know how to dress appropriately for their age.

5. To the store – with the whole family

Are you planning a wardrobe update? Go with the head of the family. It’s hard to overestimate the male perspective when it comes to teaching your daughter how to choose the right clothes. You may spend more time than usual, but the child will learn that there are stylish outfits that do not violate etiquette.

Pay attention to who the child is friends with, how the girlfriends behave. A small condemnation of misbehavior will not be superfluous – the daughter will quickly figure out what scares off and what commands respect.