How to improve your child’s appetite: 5 ways

Today the child eats a lot, and tomorrow he will ask for only a piece of bread and butter. Worried parents worry that the baby does not get enough energy and vitamins. To quickly increase your child’s appetite, check out our recommendations.

1. Find the cause

What does the child eat between meals? Remove sweets, snacks, fast foods and store juices from your diet. If the child does not eat well after visiting the grandmother, discuss with her an approximate list of foods allowed for nutrition 🙂. The reason may also be the onset of the disease, sometimes hidden. Visit the pediatrician to prevent deterioration.

2. Offer fruit

Fruits speed up the metabolism, and some of them, such as apples, increase the acidity of the stomach, which in turn makes the body “remember” about food. In addition, fruits are a real treasure trove of vitamins that increase the feeling of hunger.

3. Walk more

Fresh air, physical activity and emotions quickly use energy, awakening a good appetite. You can satisfy your hunger right on the street, the main thing is to feed your child with healthy food🙂

4. Lunch in the team

Collective eating is the easiest way to increase your appetite. The child sees that other children eat with pleasure and quietly follows their example. Thus, you can even accustom to unloved vegetables🙂

5. Don’t force

Be glad that the baby eats at least something and do not deprive him of his favorite dishes. Do otherwise – add a minimum of products that are not the most “tasty” for him to your favorites. This will diversify the menu without forcing the child to eat what he does not want. “Mask” unwanted foods in pasta sauce, salad, or burgers. Learn about the main reasons why a child does not eat well here .