How to choose a sport for a child

The sport chosen according to the preference of the child has a positive effect on his physical and mental development. Belonging to athletes helps to strengthen confidence, independence, the ability to establish social contacts and achieve goals.

How to choose a sport for a child

Sport is a form of recreation that, among other things, has a positive effect on health. However, choosing a sport against the will of a child or giving it to a section unprepared for the social world is a big mistake. First of all, make sure that he is ready for changes in his life. There are disciplines where children are taken from the age of three, for example, dancing or gymnastics, but this age may be too early. Especially, this applies to shy kids who communicate little even in kindergarten. Help your child get used to society, for example, go to visit peers more often, and then gradually introduce physical activity with the help of a bicycle, running at speed.

Our son was five years old when he first decided to choose a sport. At first, it was football, which was quickly retired. Then we mastered the videos, but they turned out to be not a long-term hobby. I was very surprised when I learned from a physical education teacher that my eight-year-old son had a clear “football” talent. It’s been three years since then and he’s still playing. In addition, the son enjoys watching football matches on television.

Get to know different sports. The media lacks coverage of sporting events, so you will have to see them “live”. Visit sports schools during training. Perhaps some kind of sport will interest the child. Patiently answer all the questions that arise, do not press or criticize the choice or lack of interest. Don’t get frustrated when skills grow slower than expected. When the child begins to master the first steps in the sport, do not rush to purchase high-class equipment, opt for kits for amateurs. The child does not yet know whether he will be engaged professionally, expressing only a readiness to get acquainted with this discipline.

What sport to send the child to

It is impossible to choose the right sport without the participation of the future champion and an assessment of his character. If shyness does not go away with age, but is an individual trait, it is recommended to choose individual types (martial arts, swimming, rock climbing, etc.), where the result of one person does not affect the performance of the group. Do not forget about the health of the young athlete, for example, if he has asthma, swimming is recommended. Ask your pediatrician about contraindications.

Consider sports for children in terms of benefits and safety:

Roller skates – it is recommended to start from 3 – 4 years. Develop coordination, agility, endurance and spatial orientation. Promote rapid weight loss. Safety depends on the approach of the trainer and the presence of protection (helmet, elbow and knee protection). Possible back injuries from unsuccessful falls.

Cycling – they are accepted to school from the age of 7 if the child knows how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. Systematic training improves the sense of balance and self-confidence. Muscle mass increases. The disadvantage is the possibility of injury to the knee joints in case of increased load and the wrong choice of bicycle .

Rock climbing – you can sign up for classes from 5 to 6 years old. It is characterized by a unique combination of physical and intellectual activity. Positive character traits are formed – courage, independence, overcoming fears. Choosing rock climbing will prevent problems with orientation, flexibility and coordination. A good instructor is a guarantee of safety. However, a child can show his abilities to friends outside the walls of a sports institution without proper equipment, which is very dangerous for health and life.

Swimming – the development of water is possible from birth, but the first serious lessons are not earlier than five years. The fact is that the child must perceive and fulfill the requests of the coach regarding the technique, without which it is impossible to improve the results. The benefits of swimming are undeniable, a healthy posture, coordination, control over one’s own body is formed. Swimming is an excellent prevention of problems with the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Safety is guaranteed if the young athlete is supervised by an adult, and slippery floors should also be taken into account. Ask the athlete to always wear shoes and not to run around the pool area.

Dancing – you can choose from the age of three or two years with your parents. They have a great influence on complex motor development, help to get rid of excess energy, shyness and complexes. Contribute to the formation of memory, self-discipline, musical ear and perseverance. The basis of safety is non-slip shoes and attentive listening to the instructions of the trainer.

Decided to choose a sport and play professionally? Remember one important thing – if you do it professionally, you may experience chronic diseases associated with a serious load. Also, do not forget that the child should have time for school, communication with friends and entertainment. Keep in mind that any sport, whatever you decide to choose, involves daily workouts.