How to choose a name for a child: useful tips

When choosing a name for a child, we follow different principles, so the decision is influenced by fashion, nationality, family traditions and the desire to stand out from the crowd. In order for the name to bring satisfaction not only to parents, but also to its owner, we suggest using the tips below.

Registration in the registry office

Parents must register the birth of a child at the registry office within the first month. If you did not have time to choose a name, the employee will offer you a choice of the most popular ones at the moment. Parents also have the right to give a double name. You can change the decision at any time, but this is done with the permission of the guardianship and guardianship authorities. After obtaining permission, an application for a change is submitted to the registry office, where a new birth certificate is issued within a month.

How to choose a name for a child – uncomfortable diminutives

Think about how you can name the child affectionately. Subsequently, these sounds will surround him in kindergarten and school. Make sure the diminutive sounds soft and pretty.


We cannot avoid stereotypes because we live in a society. So, it is believed that Love does not bring happiness in personal relationships, and Tatyana characterizes a person with a penchant for scandals. Some names carry a negative attitude, such as Lucifer or Adolf. Also, for others it will seem strange, taken from a geographical map, the hero of a famous cartoon, a broken musical group. Choose a name that matches the gender so that the baby does not suffer from peer ridicule in the future. If you really want to choose a foreign one that does not correspond to gender, change the ending.

Pay attention to spelling

This is especially true for foreigners. Some people don’t know that Jessica with two ‘s’ or Peter is spelled with an ‘e’. If the spelling raises many questions, this can lead to many problems in the future – in paperwork, pronunciation.

How to choose the right name for a child – convenience and simplicity

Social studies have shown that people like the popular ones more than the rare ones. Simply put, a baby with a simple and understandable name is more likely to succeed in his environment. The idea that a child should stand out with an original name is associated with the current cult of “individuality”. However, parents should remember that not everyone will understand the value and superiority of uniqueness. Often, peers are interested in an original friend in a bad way – he becomes a target for ridicule, which is a source of constant stress. The same goes for the old fashioned. From the point of view of psychologists, the popular names of the times of our grandfathers and grandmothers somewhat age the modern person. And vice versa, if a person in old age bears a fashionable name today, it seems to rejuvenate for several years. Do you choose according to saints? Most often, the choice from the list of saints does not coincide with our time, but you can leave it as the second “secret” during baptism or choose a similar modern one. For example, Xenia – Oksana, John – Ivan, Anthony – Anatoly, Nicodemus – Nikolai.

Don’t give in to pressure

Grandparents have the right to choose, but the parents always have the final say. Don’t go for your loved ones. If you name something you don’t like, there is a risk that it will annoy you for the rest of your life.

Interesting research

A lot of research has been done on how to choose a baby name. Scientists have found that names of foreign origin are often given by parents who have climbed up the social ladder. In intelligent families, children are more often called old-fashioned names. The choice of original ones is typical for parents who have unattractive professions with low wages. The desire to choose a whimsical (by the name of a river or city) in those families where adults have not succeeded in life, hoping that this will provide the baby with a happy future.