How to choose a crib for a newborn

There are so many baby cribs that one involuntarily encounters a dilemma – how to choose the right one? The variety concerns colors, shapes and functionality. Consider the most significant points and varieties.

Cribs for newborns how to choose by size

To choose a crib for up to three years, experts draw the attention of parents to the size. For this, 120/60 and 130/70 are perfect, and 140/70 cm is enough for up to 4-5 years. For convenience, all types of beds have a three-stage height adjustment. What should be the distance between the bars? Optimally – no more than 6 cm, this will save the child from suffocation when trying to stick his head.


The crib must be safe in every way. Check the quality certificates before buying and the material of the furniture, which should not harm the newborn. The best option is unpainted, odorless wood. Refuse to choose in a market where the documentation does not always correspond to reality. Buying on the market seems to be profitable, but often, the choice is harmful to health, for example, the material may contain formaldehyde, which causes allergies. To choose high quality and save money, study promotions in large children’s goods stores or replace it with another solution for the first time.

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How to choose a crib according to functionality

Some types have convenient features – the side walls are removed, it grows with the child, there are built-in lockers or a changing table. The cost depends on the manufacturer and the number of functions. A crib with removable sides is convenient in that it can be attached to the parents’ bed so that each time you do not get out of bed to a crying newborn, especially when mom is breastfeeding. A similar option is an attached bed. If you decide to choose a crib – a cradle, keep in mind that it will last until the sixth month of life. Pay attention to the included kit for the purchase – it is very convenient when you can install the wheels, then you can always be next to the baby with ease rearranging the crib between rooms. With wheels, you won’t have to worry

Crib with pendulum

Let’s consider it separately. The crib can rock a newborn even without the participation of an adult. Initially, it can be used as a regular one, but just turn the latches and it turns into a rocking chair. After touching with a hand, the furniture comes into action, it also begins to swing with the movements of the child. There are two types of pendulum – longitudinal and transverse. Cross swings from the parent to the wall. Longitudinal – back and forth. The disadvantage of the pendulum is that the swing force is somewhat rough for a newborn.

Accessories and mattress

How to choose a mattress? Here, experts note the benefits of latex with orthopedic properties. A coke or high-density polyurethane foam mattress is also a good choice. To prevent possible head bumps on a hard crib, purchase special soft protection (bumper or side). A beautiful canopy will help protect the child from bright light and mosquitoes, but do not forget to wash it every two days, the canopy quickly collects dust.