How to choose a bike for a child

Summer is the best time for physical development. Useful activity can be maintained in many ways, but for now, we’ll talk about cycling. How to choose it among the thousands presented, what to look for?

How to choose your first bike

The optimal age to start learning to ride a bike is around three years old. However, acquaintance with him can be started earlier, it all depends on the readiness of the child and the model. Never choose a vehicle without a young owner, it is very important that the legs fully touch the ground when he sits on the bike. If the baby touches only with his fingertips when the seat is at the maximum lowered position, this is a sign that the product is too big and this can lead to injury if he falls.

Are you planning to choose a bike for your child via the Internet? Find the same model in a regular store to see if the purchase is appropriate for the height of the child. Also pay attention to the following options:

  • low frame – greatly facilitates landing on the first attempts and will avoid injury to the crotch area during a fall
  • the handlebars are higher than the seat – most convenient for a small cyclist, also make sure that the baby’s hands can easily reach the handlebars
  • construction quality – some models are priced below the market average, because the quality of the material leaves much to be desired. Usually, if it is not a stock, steel or aluminum is thinner than the accepted norms. This shortcoming can lead to failure during the first operation.
  • brake operation – even with a slight pressure, the brake should immediately work, thanks to this, the child will have time to stop the tool before it crashes into any object.

How to choose a bike – two, three or four wheels

The choice depends on the age of the child and the desire of the parents, it can be a regular two-wheeled bicycle for five years and a balance bike for a two-year-old kid.

1. Tricycle

Many parents decide to go with this option, if you follow suit, make sure the bike is stable – the rear wheels should be far enough apart. Choose a tool with pedals not in front (next to the front wheel), but in the middle. The forward position of the pedals makes it necessary to apply a lot of forces for scrolling and unnatural footwork, which leads to hyperextension of the knee.

2. Bicycle with extra wheels

Children of three years old can choose a two-wheeled one with removable safety wheels, they are installed slightly raised by 0.5 – 1 cm relative to the ground, thanks to which the child learns to balance more confidently. The disadvantage of the model is the possible unilateral deviation of the passenger from the vertical. If the baby spends a lot of time in this position, there is a danger of asymmetry in movements and poor posture.

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3. Balance bike

How to choose a bike for a child barely two years old? An excellent alternative to a tool with wheels is a cross-country two-wheeled bicycle without pedals. Children learn balance in a natural way, as they are not afraid of falling, which is almost impossible with this model. Coordination and spatial orientation are practiced, the ability to turn and control speed develops. The big advantage is the light weight, the small owner will easily move the vehicle over the obstacle. Some balance bikes are equipped with a handbrake, however, most children find it easier to stop with their feet. In addition, not all babies have sufficient strength and good coordination to use this type of braking.

4. “Adult” two-wheeled

To choose this option, the child must be prepared for it in advance – he must have basic riding skills, otherwise, adult help will be needed to rule out serious injuries. In addition, the recommended age for a two-wheeler is at least five years, as it has a fairly large weight.

Safety is the most important thing

Before using the transport, pay attention to the fasteners – the condition of the screws, how the brake works, whether all parts are lubricated. Regardless of the age and type of bike, make sure you protect your head. Invest in a good quality helmet that fits perfectly. Vibration suppression gloves, knee and elbow protection will also be helpful. Make sure your bike has reflectors.