How to choose a baby stroller

Choosing a stroller is one of the most important decisions for parents. So that a long search does not end in an erroneous choice, many subtleties should be taken into account.

How to choose a baby stroller – walking area

The surface you ride on matters a lot. If you live in a city where there are sidewalks and alleys, get a light, nimble stroller with small wheels.

For areas dominated by unpredictable roads and forest trails, choose a “vehicle” with good cushioning and large wheels. The best choice in this case would be a baby stroller with spring suspension.

For mixed roads (trails and pavement), consider large rear and small front wheels. The solution allows you to move smoothly over potholes.

Weight and storage

A baby stroller takes up a lot of space if you do not have a garage or an apartment with a special place in the entrance. Folding strollers help you save storage space. In addition, this solution is useful if you are traveling in a car (the baby stroller must fit in the trunk).

Also pay attention to the way of coordinating, if you find it difficult to cope – it does not suit you. Weight is also important. In some cases, the tool has to be lifted up the stairs, so the acquired “assistant” weighing more than 15 kg plus the weight of the newborn, which is constantly increasing, becomes a real problem.

The mass of the vehicle with the baby, as a result, reaches 25 kg. When it is not possible to leave on the ground floor or in the car, it is recommended to choose an easier option. As a rule, it has large rear wheels, which makes it easy to lift it up stairs. The weight of such a device is no more than 8 kg.

How to choose a stroller – age and number of children

It all depends on the type of stroller and the independence of the child, usually, after three years, children prefer to run and jump more, giving up the means in which they spent most of their lives.

The most convenient options are a 2 in 1 baby stroller and a carrycot. Buying a 2 in 1 helper is more economical and will last up to the age of four, but it has disadvantages and the main one is its weight.

When choosing this option, carefully look at the structure – is the seat large, is the back adjustable, is there a footrest, how big is the hood that covers from the sun.

Buying two separate strollers is more expensive, but it gives you more options for your needs. The stroller is designed for children under the age of 6 months.

If you are planning the birth of a second baby soon or your family has a child a little older than the youngest, you can choose a double.

Does her size scare you, but does the older one run confidently? Then you’d better choose a special footrest as in the photo.

Baby stroller 3 in 1

The manufacturer offers parents to purchase a stroller, the main part of which will become a child car seat. This purchase is a big mistake, although at first glance it seems profitable. These car seats rarely pass safety and passenger protection tests. In addition, the car seat may simply not fit the seat of your car.

How to choose the right stroller – time of year

When choosing, consider the season. For summer and autumn babies, it is better to choose with a wide cradle, because the child will ride in overalls and be covered with a blanket. Suitable for children born at the end of winter and spring with a small gondola (cradle).

Number and type of wheels

Three-wheelers are more manoeuvrable than four-wheelers. Both are equally stable. However, if you purchased a three-wheeler, but of average quality, the child can turn it over when the body is tilted forward or down.

The swivel front wheels are comfortable on flat surfaces, but when it comes to rough roads and snow, they do not show their best here. However, this can be corrected with the help of special clamps that do not allow the wheels to change position.

Classic fixed, convenient on all roads, except for those moments when you need to quickly and smoothly turn to the side.

Should I buy a used baby stroller?

With limited funds, this solution is acceptable when it comes to brand quality (known manufacturer). Strollers quickly lose their value, so such vehicles that have served no more than two years can be safely purchased.

Before buying, study the Internet for information about all the disadvantages and advantages of the selected model. Keep in mind – sometimes baby strollers are sold after repair.

Used strollers are considered the safest purchase, they serve no more than 6 months, and the service life is one year.

Safety regulations

After a successful purchase, of course, you will go for a walk, which should be not only comfortable, but also safe. To avoid unpleasant situations, remember the safety rules:

  • sitting in a baby carriage must be fastened with seat belts
  • the baby should sit facing the parent, which will prevent unwanted actions of the crumbs
  • always use the brakes when you stop
  • do not hang packages and bags on the handles of the “transport” – they can turn it over
  • regularly check the condition of the fixing screws and brakes, change damaged parts in time.

How to choose a stroller for a child – video