Hot Summer: Helpful Tips for Cooling a Baby’s Room

Summer heat leads to poor night sleep: the baby is naughty, does not want to sleep in pajamas, and the duration of sleep is noticeably reduced. Part of the lack of sleep is solved by daytime rest, but the right approach to lowering the temperature in the house will help keep the whole family cheerful and in a good mood.

Air temperature in the children’s room in summer

The ideal temperature in the children’s room during the hot season is from sixteen to eighteen degrees. But after a hot day, the house does not cool enough in the evening. If it is sweltering heat outside, it is difficult even for a child to sleep. Parents usually also do not sleep, because they are forced to check whether the baby is too hot.

Cooling a child’s room in the summer – tips

During the day, keep windows and curtains closed as much as possible to keep heat from entering the room. Leave the ventilation grill open. Open windows early in the morning and in the evening when it gets cool. Don’t forget to install nets on the windows so that mosquitoes don’t ruin your evening.

If the children’s room is located on the second floor under the roof, if possible, move the nursery to the lower floor. The roof of the house heats up during the day and transfers heat to the bedrooms below.

Instead of air conditioning, use a fan in the children’s room. Make sure that the cold air flow is not directed directly at the child. Do not leave the fan on at night or when the baby is alone, he may knock over the fan or start playing with it.

Check from time to time to see if your child is freezing. The baby should not be in a draft even in warm weather.

Freeze water bottles and let them thaw in the room. You can also place the bowl of cubes under a fan for faster cooling.

Do not leave electrical appliances that you do not use plugged in or on the charger. They generate heat, and even if the device is very small, it is better not to allow this.

How to dress a child in hot weather at night?

At night, it is recommended to dress the child in light overalls or a short-sleeved T-shirt, a sleeping bag should be made of thin material, preferably linen, cotton and bamboo. If the temperature in the children’s room is above 23 degrees, cotton panties are enough. Let the baby sleep in one diaper when the temperature outside reaches forty degrees.

Does the baby sleep with a pillow? Turn it regularly, bed linen should be made from natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk. Do not use a waterproof mattress pad, it gives off a lot of heat.

Keep an eye on the correct intake of liquids to avoid dehydration of the child’s body. Breastfed babies do not need supplementation.