Good immunity in a child: 5 principles

If a child is often sick, the problem may lie in many factors. Finding the root cause is difficult, but by eradicating it, you can achieve an excellent result. But now we will not talk about the reasons, but the basic principles that improve the overall resistance of the body to adverse conditions.

1. Nutrition

Variety on the table means a complete diet. Fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products are the basis for growth, mental abilities, and maintenance of health. In order for the child to eat more healthy vegetables, eliminate harmful ones to a minimum. Fast foods, juices from the store, sausages do not carry value.

2. Walks

Physical activity relieves stress, increases blood circulation, improves appetite. The sports section will be the best option for schoolchildren who spend their free time with gadgets in their hands.

3. Sleep

Sleeping for at least eight hours a night helps restore strength. Children who sleep poorly or less than normal are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases. Baby can’t sleep for a long time? Visit a pediatrician.

4. Cleanliness – in moderation

Communicating with different people, you can see that children who do not live in the most sterile conditions get sick less often. Moms who keep cleanliness in everything get offended. The fact is that the body must at least sometimes meet with harmful bacteria, because only in this way, it learns to resist them.

5. Good mood

Some children often get sick due to stress on the nervous system. Scandals in the family, difficulties in an educational institution, change of residence. All at once and do not list. Try to eliminate the psychological factor and see if the baby will get sick. Take care of a positive mood, the more laughter in the house, the better not only for health, but also for a prosperous life.