Gift for a year to a child: what to choose

The best gift is the one that the child dreams of, but when it comes to a baby under three years old, common sense will have to be guided here. Giving a baby a desired thing that is not age-appropriate is wrong and unsafe. In addition, the toy can cause interest for a very short time if it is chosen incorrectly.

A gift for a year to a child – what to look for?

First of all, pay attention to the abilities and desires of the child. What does the baby like, what colors does he prefer, can he walk, throw a ball, etc. As a rule, one-year-old children have the following skills:

  • physical activity – they strive to master all possible skills – walking, crawling, running, jumping
  • motor skills – the child knows how to close and open doors, lids, he likes objects that make sounds, for example, drums, rustling paper
  • speech – passive speech and understanding are actively developing, more and more new words are appearing
  • play – copying the behavior of adults, such as talking on the phone, cooking dinner, cleaning, etc.

There are many ideas for a gift, but if you go to the store, the first thing the seller will ask is who exactly you are choosing a gift for – a boy or a girl. This is right, because the boys love movement, which means dump trucks for the sandbox, balance bikes (for those who already walk), pushcars, steam locomotives. Girls are calmer, baby dolls, a toy set of a doctor or a cook, beautiful hair clips / bows will be a good option.

However, in some cases, the division into boys and girls is erroneous, especially if the baby loves cars, and the boy, as a future designer, is interested in dolls. Of course, if this is not your child, it is better to give according to gender or something โ€œcommonโ€, otherwise there is a risk that parents will be offended. ๐Ÿ™‚General gifts, these are educational sorters, large puzzles, finger paints, a tent for kids, musical instruments, a scooter . If the baby has just begun to master independent steps, you can give a pusher, a walker or a protective helmet, while you should know that these items are not always necessary, moreover, such devices are harmful to health, read more about this here.

A gift for a child for a year – we contribute to development

There are many children’s toys designed to develop logic and imagination, they are truly unique – bright colors and all kinds of shapes allow you to keep the child busy for a long time, which is also a gift for parents. These include pyramids (it is better to purchase several different ones at once), wooden puzzles and puzzles, books with bright pictures with cardboard pages, tracks for cars, houses with figures, Lego DUPLO, cubes, music modules, insert frames.

Other great baby gift ideas:

  • large soft toys
  • jumpers
  • Kick scooter
  • swimming books
  • set of crayons
  • souvenirs – box, pendant, photo album
  • store certificate
  • wooden wheelchairs
  • horses – rocking chairs
  • lamp in the children’s room “night sky”
  • pool with plastic balls.

Some of the gifts for the year listed here may seem trite, however, the manufacturers never stop imagining. Choose non-standard solutions – a pyramid of cubes, balls, with bright patterns. The main thing is that the child is satisfied, an indicator of which will be his passion for the game.๐Ÿ™‚