Free set for a newborn

Sounds attractive doesn’t it? These are new products that you can get completely free of charge from popular manufacturers of products for newborns from different countries.

By registering on the site, every expectant mother has a chance to get free samples of goods, for example, diapers or a set of baby cosmetics. Not every expectant mother gets samples, but it’s worth a try.

In addition to free things for a newborn, there is another advantage, mommy gets privileges such as information about discounts, competitions and new products, information materials for download prepared by specialists. Waiting for a gift can take up to three months if the order is made on a foreign site, so it is better to leave a request in advance.

  • The online store is ready to give a free gift to every family expecting an addition with one condition – you must fill out a form on the site and place an order.
  • Milk formula sample from Germany.
  • A set of children’s cosmetics from Singapore.
  • Nestl√© CERELAC baby cereal packaging
  • A set of gifts for joining the Libero club from Finland.
  • Enfamil baby food sample (280 gr) from America.
  • Welcome Box of Free Newborn Gifts from America.
  • HiPP food set from Germany.
  • Huggies diaper packaging.
  • You can get a sample of bella happy diapers by calling 8 800 200 80 04
  • Free sample of Japanese diapers (Russia).
  • Subscribe to promotions and information about new free samples of Babo Botanicals baby cosmetics.
  • Nature One Baby Food Sample.

Note! Manufacturers who provide free samples of goods do not hide the fact that they will use these questionnaires for marketing purposes. Be prepared for the fact that ballots and information about promotions will be sent to the specified phone number and mail address. How else can I get free samples? Participate in the promotions of Russian manufacturers, and in order not to miss them, register in the clubs.

Do you know other sites with free gifts for newborns? Share with us via email and we will definitely include them in our list!