Elizabeth’s second trimester of pregnancy

I will never forget this extraordinary feeling when I first felt the baby’s thrusts. It was only then that I truly realized that I would soon become a mother.

So the second trimester began, I had been waiting for this moment for a long time and deliberately listened to my feelings, but to no avail … It worried me a lot. Why is my baby still not moving? Maybe he’s sick? Such thoughts haunted me, despite the fact that the pregnancy proceeded normally according to all the results of the examinations. Once, I felt something similar to the touch of the wings of a butterfly, someone gently stroked the inside of my stomach. Putting my hands on my rounded stomach, I froze in anticipation of a new flutter of an invisible butterfly. The kid made me happy, it was like magic.

Second trimester of pregnancy – nausea goes away

Never have I felt so good in the past few months. Almost all existing problems are over. However, most likely, I learned to deal with them. For example, I ate breakfast in bed and did not get up immediately after eating, this helped me avoid nausea. After lunch, I allowed myself a 15-minute rest. One thing worried – the headache intensified.

How food has changed

I just can’t resist pie and chocolate, I’m drawn to sweets and pork chops. But the wolfish appetite did not save my body from iron deficiency, I had to take iron-containing preparations. Weight has increased by several kilograms.

Second trimester: being pregnant is great!

When the young man gave me a seat on the bus, I blushed and gratefully settled into the seat. I used to think seats were second only to royalty or VIPs. The stomach became noticeable to everyone – everyone knew that I would soon become a mother and it seems that the whole world was making my life easier – they gave way, let them pass in lines, offered the best vegetables and fruits on the market, women smiled radiantly, meeting me as a regular customer. Of course, I felt like a princess, but not where I was registered with pregnant women. The nurses treated me completely differently – rudely and impolitely. My chest increased even more. A friend even asked what I was doing for this, I was embarrassed and explained to her that the pregnancy was to blame. The pain at a touch to a breast has fortunately stopped.

pregnant emotions

The rosy stay in the kitchen is over and for a long time, I noticed that everything flies out of my hands, the dishes beat systematically. Emotional swings continue … Only I was in a great mood, when suddenly the crumbs on the table caused a violent reaction, and a minute later I was already crying because my husband refused to remove them from the table. Aggression is manifested even to strangers, I can not cope with emotions and constantly come into conflict with loved ones. One day I thought I was a single mother. My husband does not appreciate me, does not love and does not understand. Why? I still need hugs and support, which I haven’t received in a long time! When the mood improved, I realized that I was behaving like a little capricious girl and again became the soul of the company.

nesting syndrome

The term approached the sixth month of pregnancy and I began to have obsessive thoughts about repairing the apartment. The idea was not the best for financial reasons, but no one could stop me. There was such a premonition that after the birth of a child, there simply would not be time for a comfortable arrangement. Repairs were done quickly and cheaply, I personally supervised the entire process – from the purchase of materials to brush strokes. Thanks to the belly, I did not stand in line at the checkout. Everything went great, my family even let me mop the floor and vacuum. Surprisingly, after the repair, my emotions stabilized.


I worked all the time, and my energy also allowed me to travel to the nearest cities. The new rhythm of sleep did not interfere with me, I could rest in the back seat of the car. Walking was soothing and I didn’t gain more weight than I should have. One day I woke up smeared with blood, it was everywhere – on the pillow, the sheet, the blanket. As soon as I reached the bath, I saw a character from a horror movie in the mirror, it turned out to be a nosebleed. At the appointment, the doctor assured me that it was normal. The blood from the nose disturbed several times during the entire pregnancy. Sometimes my lower abdomen ached on both sides of the pelvis, the doctor explained to me that the pain was due to uterine distension.

What gender is my baby?

I would like to know who will be born … The people around are sure that a boy will be born, because I am quick-tempered, and my appearance is like that of a goddess. To all this, my skin left much to be desired – every day a small pimple appeared, and testosterone was the culprit. Attempts to find out the gender on ultrasound were unsuccessful, the baby diligently hid his sexual characteristics.

Belly – watermelon

At the end of the sixth month of pregnancy, I noticed a rapid increase in the abdomen, the old blouses and dresses became small for me. A dark vertical line appeared, going from below to the navel, and the navel itself began to bulge. Weight has increased, but most likely due to swollen legs and face. The number of caring creams and lotions has increased dramatically, among them there are anti-stretch marks.


At night I woke up from a terrible pain, my right leg was immobilized and pain reached my hips from strong muscle tension. Instinctively, I tugged on my toes and felt the cramp lessen. This situation was repeated several times, I learned from my doctor that this was due to a lack of potassium in the body.

Little soccer player

The butterflies in my stomach were no longer so delicate. The child pushed especially hard at night, so actively that he woke me up. In order for the baby to push less, I changed position, otherwise, his pushes became painful in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe ribs. Absurd, but I decided to soothe the baby with the classical music of Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi and it helped! After listening to calm music, the baby fought less at night.

You should be messing around

The pace of my movements slowed down, I went to work less and less, I could carry out the tasks of the boss at home. In the end, the doctor forbade me to keep records and insisted on a vacation. It seemed that being unemployed was boring, but I found other interesting activities – reading, knitting, drawing.