Elizabeth’s first trimester of pregnancy

When I got pregnant two months after stopping birth control, I was very surprised. Pregnancy came unexpectedly quickly and dramatically changed my life.

Thoughts on pregnancy

No one suspected my strong maternal instinct, not even myself. No, I was touched by other people’s babies, admired their photographs, but before meeting with the father of my future children, I did not think about pregnancy. More precisely, it was not the meeting with my husband that prompted me to take this step, but a heart-to-heart conversation with my work colleague. Probably thanks to her woke up my instinct.

A woman in her forties told her story with tears. She and her husband put off the birth of children “for later”, bought a car, an apartment, built a house. This was followed by an operation that led to infertility. There is nothing more precious than motherhood, she said. Everything passes, only for the sake of children it is worth living.

I want but I’m afraid

A month after stopping taking contraceptives, thoughts of doubt began to visit. Plans for a successful career went into the cloudy distance, it seemed that I would turn into a housewife. At the first delay, my husband bought a pregnancy test, I remember how I was waiting for this moment … with sadness. Just not now! I do not want! One strip and I left the bathroom disappointed.

What is happening to me? Does my husband notice that something is wrong with me? Then I saw a sad spouse, he shrugged his shoulders and said – maybe next time … Nervous trembling seized me, I lit up again.

Then my life went on as usual – work, plans and complete freedom. Three weeks passed, the smell of spring began, my indefatigable energy began to fade, and one day I really wanted to sleep in the middle of a working day.

Soon there was an opportunity to go with friends to Egypt. While waiting for our flight, my friends smoked, and I refused. the smell of cigarettes became disgusting to me. The flight went smoothly, Egypt met us with unbearable heat, and on the second day I felt bad. Nausea, headache, constantly falling asleep. After dinner, I leaned over the toilet, blaming unknown bacteria and myself for not doing some vaccinations before departure.

While my friends were resting, I could not enjoy life, I felt sick from the smell of my favorite coffee, not to mention the fact that a sip of it caused vomiting. Friends were seriously worried and offered to call a doctor, fortunately, after a few days, the symptoms of an unknown disease decreased, except for drowsiness. It seemed that I could sleep anywhere and in any position.

I am pregnant!

Returning home, I went to bed and seemed to sleep, but the mood became terrible. Irritability, aggressiveness and sentimentality drove me crazy, and not only me. It seemed to me that life stopped and generally lost all meaning, so at the moment when my brother called, I sobbed into the pillow. My brother asked me how the trip went, to which my irritable response followed, exactly how it went.

Maybe you are pregnant? he asked, and I immediately ran to the bathroom to do the test. Of course! Two cherished stripes! I took out a book about pregnancy from the bookshelf and began to study it. All symptoms converged! My husband was supposed to return from work late in the evening, but I could not keep such news in myself and sent him an SMS.

The husband immediately broke the news to all relatives. The nausea subsided two weeks after the event.

First trimester of pregnancy – energy is in full swing

I seem to suffer from several diseases at once. I forget keys, cards, important meetings. Bursting with energy as if I have hyperactivity syndrome. The mood swings continue.

I began to be attracted to strange foods, such as sprats in tomato sauce. The chest hurt all the time, and increased so much that the first size became noticeable to others no longer as the first. Hair and nails grew faster than usual, gradually I got used to the new state and began to enjoy life.

Before the baby was born, I decided to finish a new project at work, which cheered me up even more.