Difficult questions: answer the child correctly

The little man is convinced that parents can answer all questions without hesitation, even if they make an adult blush. Preparing answers is the best option for a smooth exit from uncomfortable situations.

 Why would you go to work

This frequently asked question has more than just an interest, but rather a message – I want to spend more time with you. Instead of talking about money and toys again, start your explanation with different words. Tell him that you miss him too and that you have his picture on your desktop. If the child mentions that some parents do not work, answer: “Every family has its own rules. I want to be a wife, a mother, a good employee and I like it.”

How to answer a child where babies come from

It depends on the age and choice of the parents. You can reveal the truth to a small child in the form of a fairy tale, starting with the words – “when a man and a woman fall in love, they are friends for a long time, then they hug and kiss each other, the man at this time passes on to his beloved the most valuable thing that he has – a particle of himself … “

A child over 12 years old is already ready for a more serious conversation, and most likely, he already has some of this knowledge. The main task of parents is not to frighten and not cause a feeling of shame, since the further attitude of the offspring to love joys in adulthood depends on this.

Everyone has it, why don’t I?

Children are tough conversationalists. If they want something, they are ready to achieve it by any means. Calm down, stop reminding about the number of toys. Answer: “I know how much you want to have this sword. Wait until your birthday or save money.” As a last resort, add: “This topic is closed. I ended the conversation.”

Do we have a lot of money?

An interest in family finances is evidence of comparing one’s own family with that of a peer to ensure one’s own safety. Reassure the child: “We spend money carefully, you have nothing to worry about. We make sure that our life is the way it is now.”

The child says that no one needs or “why no one loves me”

It is unpleasant for parents to hear such a statement, especially for those who work a lot. Try not to deny the feelings of the child, but accept them and understand them correctly, otherwise, doubts about the need for this world will only intensify. Ask the kid who he talked to at school today, find out what kind of relationship he has with his peers and the teacher.

If problems open up to you, talk about them with your child, try to find a solution together. When you see that it is difficult to enter into trust or the child is embarrassed by his problems, contact a child psychologist and, of course, try to spend more time together, for example, while doing homework.

Why are these uncles together

This question usually has a hidden meaning, but first, ask him what he thinks about it. If the child is already familiar with the word gay or homosexual, say, “Yes, some like people of the same sex.” To judge them or not is your choice.

Grandma won’t die?

Never hide illness or death. Children are like a barometer – they feel despair, tension and do not understand why adults are sad. Do not allow yourself to refuse an answer. The kid may think that your mood and worries are his fault.

In such a situation, one should say: “Grandma is sick, but the doctors are doing everything so that she gets better soon.” You can also talk about the grandmother’s illness if the child is interested. When he asks, “Are you going to die too?” Answer that you are healthy and still hope to babysit his children.

Will you get divorced?

If your child asks about this, then most likely his friend is worried about this or he sees discord in his own family. Children take their parents’ fights more seriously than we think. If the child witnessed your quarrel, make sure that he also saw reconciliation. When you really decide to leave your spouse, tell your child about it together. Reassure your child that despite the divorce, you remain a loving father and mother. Even if you live in different houses or cities. When answering questions, a parent sometimes makes mistakes, and this is normal. To correct a wrong answer, go up to your child and say that you have been thinking about the question for a long time and want to change your mind. For a small person, this will be a sign that you are serious about his interests.

What are the children asking about?

Check out a small sample of what other questions curious kids ask:

  • What does a pig look like on the inside?
  • When you were little, were computers made of wood?
  • Can a car be allergic to gasoline?
  • Does God have a wife?
  • Are angels boys or girls?
  • If God created the whole world, why are furniture made in factories?
  • What is high opinion?
  • Grandma, what is oral sex?
  • At the sight of sanitary pads: Mom, do you wear diapers?
  • If black and white cows give milk, what kind of milk do brown cows give? With cocoa?
  • Before the promised visit to the zoo: Today tomorrow?
  • While watching a movie about giraffes eating leaves from trees: little giraffes eat leaves, but what do BIG giraffes eat?
  • Why is this snail sleeping?
  • Why do I ask and ask?


What is your child asking about? What question do you find the most difficult, most fun, or surprising? Leave your comment!