Computer addiction in a teenager: signs of what parents should do

A child addicted to the Internet or computer games suffers from mood swings, lack of appetite and insomnia.

The concept of authority in the real world is lost – fictional characters become the basis of life. How to determine the limit when it is necessary to urgently take action?

A child and a computer are acceptable norms

Of course, modern gadgets make our lives much easier. A computer is a window to the world of knowledge, hobbies and just a good time. However, everything changes significantly if the child does not know what this machine was created for.

First of all, computers are designed to work, facilitate human labor, and as an “entertainment” means, they began to be used after a sharp rise in the Internet.

The first games appeared, then websites for schoolchildren and students. Now there you can find a lot of useful and not very information. This is the problem – “brute force” of data creates the risk of addiction, the child does not leave the computer, as there is a lot of interesting information.

What is the norm for schoolchildren 7-12 years old? The recommended time spent on the computer is no more than two hours a day, taking into account the preparation of reports for school or the search for the necessary material.

Exceeding these hours can lead to the devaluation of encyclopedias and live communication. The student loses self-control skills, memory and attention deteriorate.

Computer addiction in children – signs

To prevent addiction, there should be clear rules at home regarding time, visits to sites, computer games. It is advisable to install a special program on the child’s computer that controls all these parameters.

If, nevertheless, the dependence has shown itself, various signs will indicate it. Performance at school decreases, requests to turn off the computer, the child reacts with aggression.

A schoolchild can sit at a computer game all day long, not remembering the rest and feeling of hunger, the nervous system cannot withstand stress – thoughts about the events in the game or what they saw / read do not let them fall asleep. Neglect of hobbies, friends, responsibility to an educational institution, all this is the result of many hours of playing at the computer.

Computer addiction in a teenager – how to help a child

If you notice the symptoms listed above, it’s time to act. Let your child know that he has an addiction and that you are going to do whatever you can to correct the situation. Pay attention to the circumstances under which the student accesses the computer.

Experts note that any addiction has a psychological cause, it can be conflicts in the family or among peers, experiences associated with insufficient financial support, lack of attention from loved ones.

Together, determine the way you use the Internet and the number of minutes spent on it. If the agreement did not give a positive result, turn off the Internet, this action will significantly reduce the desire to come to the computer.

Removal of computer games – must be by mutual consent, you must show that you respect the child’s personality and his addictions, but at the same time, you are worried about health. Explain what addiction leads to – deterioration in vision, physical fitness, the development of scoliosis.

Watch films on this topic, read articles. Do whatever you can to distract yourself from the games, for example, go to the movies, to an exhibition, take a walk in the park. Remember what hobbies were up to this point, if the child collected Lego, buy a new set.

Take all his free time – lessons, shopping, talking on various topics. Invite friends and relatives over. After a few days of active employment, you can notice significant improvements in behavior and learning.

If you cannot solve the problem on your own, contact a psychologist and a neurologist. The psychologist will find the true cause associated with computer addiction and tell you how best to act.

An examination by a neurologist will not be superfluous, since the child is in school and the body needs serious help to restore effective performance.