Causes of bad behavior in teenagers

Even the most principled and devoted parents sometimes find that their teenager does not display appropriate moral values ​​and self-discipline. This behavior can be caused by several reasons, both biological and environmental. However, careful parenting, and, in more serious cases, professional intervention will help solve the problem.

The human brain is formed before the age of twenty, so teenagers do not have the same ability to make informed decisions and self-discipline as adults, and moral development is a process that lasts throughout the period.

Based on what, experts note the normal fact that a child at the age of 12 becomes angry and unbalanced.

A teenager misbehaves – the influence of parents

Children at this age cannot make informed decisions, but parents have a huge influence on the choice of the child and his behavior.

For example, if a teenager sees that his parents act impulsively, make the wrong choice, neglect household chores, or miss work, the child copies the same behavior. A similar impact is exerted by guardians or relatives with whom the pupil spends the most time.

Society, media, peers

In adolescence, peer influence plays an important role. Because peer acceptance is an important part of a sense of self-sufficiency and a growing need to separate from the family system, teens sometimes base their choices on the opinions of friends rather than what is right or responsible.

This type of behavior disappears as they grow older, provided regular conversations about norms. In addition, the media and the behavior of celebrities can seriously change the young rebel, especially if they do not have role models among their relatives.

mental health issues

Sometimes, a teenager misbehaves for more serious mental health reasons. For example, students who are abused by classmates or adults show little empathy for others and have difficulty controlling their impulses.

Only a qualified professional or pediatrician can determine whether his behavior is developmentally normal or requires professional intervention.

How to help a teenager with antisocial behavior

Kindness, patience, empathy, respect for elders, a sense of responsibility and the ability not to go beyond the limits of the granted authority – these are the few things that are instilled from early childhood. To save throughout life, the child needs constant reinforcement of the acquired knowledge in the form of experience.

If a teenager is healthy, but spoiled or under the influence of bad company, every effort should be made to awaken positive qualities. Going to an animal shelter together, visiting an orphanage with gifts for babies, helping strangers – all this will be a great start.

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When a teenager is infatuated with a singer of not too correct behavior, study together the story of his life from the negative side – divorces, illnesses, getting into a place of detention.

Choose the opposite personality of the stage, which is distinguished by noble deeds and compare the lives of both. Who is happier and what is known.

Show enough attention, show patience and understanding to survive this difficult time, full of drastic changes and impressions.