Hot Summer: Helpful Tips for Cooling a Baby’s Room

Summer heat leads to poor night sleep: the baby is naughty, does not want to sleep in pajamas, and the duration of sleep is noticeably reduced. Part of the lack of sleep is solved by daytime rest, but the right approach to lowering the temperature in the house will help keep the whole family cheerful … Read more

Family vacation: how not to lose a child in another city

Children like to explore the world, it is good for them and at the same time it can hurt them. Sometimes a minute stop over a beautiful flower or an attempt to catch up with a kitten in an unfamiliar place, leads to the loss of parents from sight. It’s good if there are kind … Read more

Saving on baby diapers: how to save the family budget

Disposable diapers are one of the items a family spends the most money on during the first three years of a baby’s life. With five changes a day, it is not difficult to calculate the cost per month equal to 150 diapers. The older the child, the lower this figure, however, a tangible amount will … Read more

Alpha generation of children: character, problems and advantages in learning

At the age of three, they dismiss display notifications, learn to write with a keyboard rather than a pencil, create music videos on mobile devices at five, and are often trusted sources of technical information for parents. Children of the so-called Alpha generation, born after 2010, see technology as an integral part of their existence. … Read more

When to start raising children?

Of course, in the first few months of a baby’s life, there is no point in raising him, all he needs at this age is the care and attention of his parents. But when to start? A year or so later? Raising a child up to a year In the first months, your baby will … Read more

How to choose a table for a child: material, size, quality

The preferred place to play is the floor, as this is where children feel most comfortable, but for certain activities they will prefer to use furniture that is indispensable for drawing, dining, doing homework. Thus, a table and a chair are indispensable items in a child’s environment from one year to graduation from high school. … Read more

The child is afraid to swim: reasons for what parents should do

The fear of bathing, showering, or open water is known as hydrophobia. Usually a child is not afraid of the water itself, but of the dangers or discomfort associated with it. For example, the baby may be afraid that he will be sucked into the hole in the bathroom, drops will fall into the eyes … Read more

A bad friend in a child: causes and how to fix it

For children, there is nothing more tempting than prohibitions, and it doesn’t matter what: chocolates hidden for the holiday or a bully neighbor boy who is not allowed to be friends. In the end, one way or another, you will see your child with sweets in his hands, next to the boy of “wrong” behavior. … Read more