How to teach a preschooler to be independent: practical tips

Children who learn to solve problems on their own easily adapt in a team and maximize their own freedom, gradually gaining the confidence necessary for harmonious development. Experienced parents advise teaching independence as early as possible so that there are no problems with skills at a later age. What should preschoolers do on their own? … Read more

What to read to a preschooler: a recommended list of books

The article will be useful to all mothers who ask themselves the question – what poems to read to a child before school, because all children are different and what is interesting to one may be completely uninteresting to another. We have collected the best books with poems for children, which perfectly develop memory, imagination, … Read more

The child does not eat well: reasons for improving appetite

The reluctance to eat is due to various factors, this is the onset of the disease, an excess of sweets in the diet, a physiologically small need for calories, as well as stressful situations. Let’s try to figure out what exactly is the reason. The child has no appetite – is this a problem? Periods … Read more

The child does not want to go to kindergarten: reasons

The first and calm days of visiting kindergarten are an exception to the rule. Most children experience this stage through fear and tears. The main reasons why a child does not want to go to kindergarten The period of adaptation to kindergarten lasts from several weeks to several months. Experienced teachers advise to wait out … Read more

Adaptation of the child to kindergarten and addiction of parents

Everyone talks about the adaptation of the child, but they forget about the parents. We decided to help the whole family at once, because they go through this path together. Parent adaptation¬† Adaptation is getting used to new conditions, overcoming existing changes. In the case of a kindergarten, it primarily concerns the parents, because it … Read more

When to Send Your Child to Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the place where the child acquires self-care and communication skills without parental supervision. Complete independence and the ability to negotiate are improved precisely in preschool institutions, unless, of course, the baby is ready enough for this, and the teacher supports the child. If you think about the question – when a child goes … Read more

How to teach a child to count: 14 ideas

Teaching preschoolers to count should be as natural as possible. The following methods will help you to get acquainted with new science during your daily activities. Math Games ¬†1. Material preparation. First, prepare the material (it will come in handy for many math classes) – draw spheres on a piece of paper and inside each, … Read more

Pre-school education: in what quantity

Ballet, French, playing the piano… The schedule of modern children is similar to that of an adult. Does this mean that parents educate talent? ¬†Pros and cons of preschool education Parents strive to discover the talents of the crumbs even before he goes to school. This is where pre-school education plays a good role. Experienced … Read more