Elizabeth’s first trimester of pregnancy

When I got pregnant two months after stopping birth control, I was very surprised. Pregnancy came unexpectedly quickly and dramatically changed my life. Thoughts on pregnancy No one suspected my strong maternal instinct, not even myself. No, I was touched by other people’s babies, admired their photographs, but before meeting with the father of my … Read more

Elizabeth’s second trimester of pregnancy

I will never forget this extraordinary feeling when I first felt the baby’s thrusts. It was only then that I truly realized that I would soon become a mother. So the second trimester began, I had been waiting for this moment for a long time and deliberately listened to my feelings, but to no avail … Read more

Third trimester of Elizabeth’s pregnancy

The third trimester has begun, the birth is already close and I am looking forward to them. Almost everyone I meet asks me a question about how I feel. The stomach no longer fits into any clothes, looking in the mirror I can’t believe what I see – well, a real hippopotamus! So I have … Read more

Pregnancy calendar: 1-9 weeks

The first weeks of pregnancy are an amazing time, the baby is still very small, but it already has a huge impact on the appetite, mood and lifestyle of the expectant mother. Pregnancy lasts nine months, these are 10 lunar months (28 days each) or 40 weeks. It is absolutely normal when the pregnancy ends … Read more

Pregnancy calendar: 10-14 weeks

The baby acquires clearer facial features, and mommy feels an improvement in mood. Nausea and heartburn may bother you until the middle of the second trimester. 10 weeks pregnant Mother If the result of blood morphology is somewhat different from the “normal” indicators, you should not panic, small deviations are acceptable. Iron deficiency is most … Read more

Pregnancy calendar: 15-20 weeks

Hormonal storms and morning sickness gradually decrease. The child grows rapidly, begins to react to bright light and changes in environmental temperature. 15 weeks pregnant Mother Soon frequent urination will stop. the uterus rises above the pubic symphysis and ceases to oppress the bladder. A new problem appears – constipation, in order to avoid them, … Read more

Pregnancy calendar: 21-27 weeks

The third trimester is approaching and marked by impatience. Despite the fact that the end of pregnancy is already close, it seems that it lasts longer than expected. 21 weeks pregnant Mother The growing uterus presses on the large veins in the abdominal cavity and the blood slows down its circulation, which contributes to thrombosis … Read more

Pregnancy calendar: 28-37 weeks

The last trimester of pregnancy is marked by impatience, despite the fact that the end of pregnancy is already close, it seems that it lasts longer than expected. The woman is tired of pregnancy and is looking forward to meeting the baby. 28 weeks pregnant Mother Breathing becomes “heavy”, shortness of breath is observed – … Read more

Pregnancy calendar: 38-40 weeks

An important date is approaching – a meeting with the baby. Expectant mother and baby will have a hard way with which they will certainly cope. A great responsibility lies with the woman; the well-being and health of the newborn depends on how she perceives temporary difficulties. 38 weeks pregnant Mother Do not deny yourself … Read more