What is the best memory method for your child?

We each have our own way of learning. Someone takes notes, others draw maps, others read aloud or walk with a book in their hands. Some of us leave learning until the last minute. Most practice memorization over several days and consolidate knowledge before going to bed. But which of the above methods works best? … Read more

What foods will help the student learn better: food for the mind

Numerous studies confirm the close relationship between nutrition and brain function. When our brain is forced to work hard, it needs to be properly “fed”. It primarily requires oxygen and water to function properly. If water is replaced with high-sugar fruit juices or carbonated drinks, the conduction of nerve impulses will be difficult, so it … Read more

Gaming Addiction in Children: Signs, Causes and First Aid

The game accompanies the child from early childhood – this is a natural process of development and with age it becomes more complicated. Thanks to new technologies, games have become even more “advanced”, they still help to develop the child, but in a slightly different way. When certain rules are followed, communication with gadgets does … Read more

Twins at school: together or separately?

Teachers note that when brothers and sisters study in different classes, or in one, their development is different. So which is better? When do children study in the same class or parallel? Should children be placed in the same class? It all depends on the relationship between the children. Friendly guys who protect each other … Read more

Poor Grades in Primary School: Causes and Solutions

Most children do well in elementary school, if not excellent, but sometimes the child lacks something to get positive results. The student does not keep up with his peers, he may fall behind in school subjects, which often leads to other consequences. Forms of unsatisfactory education Often a child is lagging behind not only at … Read more

Primary school tutor: when is it really needed?

Extra activities with a child are not always as necessary as it might seem. Some parents, due to fatigue, cannot immediately understand the problem of why the child’s performance has dropped sharply, so they invite them to the house or take them to classes with other teachers. The goal is clear – it is to … Read more

Bad handwriting in a child: possible causes

Children usually write a lot at school, but with the advent of digital technology, the development of good handwriting is somewhat lagging behind the norm. The problem lies not only in the state of health of schoolchildren, but also in the unwillingness to improve their writing skills. What for? When in offices they type texts … Read more