Baby nutrition per year: baby menu

In the second year of life, most babies are familiar with adult nutrition, however, the fact that the baby has entered the second year does not mean that he is allowed to eat everything, so let’s figure out what the child’s menu should be in a year. Child nutrition per year – prohibited foods Spiced … Read more

Yogurt for a baby: when to introduce, benefits and harms

Yoghurt is a product created from pasteurized milk with the addition of strains of lactic acid bacteria, it can be bought ready-made or prepared on its own, but in both cases, the timing of introduction differs. Yogurt for a child – when to enter, how to choose The optimal age for the introduction of dairy … Read more

When the child begins to speak: norms

Today, no one doubts that reading, singing lullabies during pregnancy perfectly develops the hearing of the fetus, and also establishes an emotional connection with the mother. Emotions and innate musical ear are important components of speech. Long before the child utters the first words, he carefully studies the phenomenon of adult communication – facial expressions … Read more

Physical punishment: the destruction of the child’s psyche

Every year the rigidity of people increases, this is evidenced by the news, situations at work, at school and even kindergarten. Psychologists raise the alarm – physical punishment is unacceptable, because it is in childhood that healthy relationships and the psyche are formed. According to statistics, in 90% of cases, parents use physical force as … Read more

A 2-year-old child does not say: when to worry

When a child does not speak at two years of age or utters few words, parents begin to worry about whether the baby is developing correctly. There are various hypotheses of speech delay – hearing impairment, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorder. However, speech delay is not always a sign of a disease. To distinguish the … Read more

What not to eat for children under one year old: a list of products

Between the fifth and seventh month of life, most children taste the first spoonful of porridge. The new nutrition provides the body with all the important nutrients that are now difficult to obtain from milk. The diet expands significantly, while the risk of food poisoning and the development of an allergic reaction increases. What can … Read more

How to cook food at home

The choice in favor of homemade puree requires careful parental control – from the choice of products to the storage of ready meals. In order for complementary foods to bring only benefits, consider a few points. Choosing vegetables and fruits The preparation of complementary foods provides real freedom in the choice of products, however, you … Read more

Freezing baby food: rules and terms of storage

If you make your own baby food, it can be time consuming. Freezing does not spoil the quality of products and saves time that can be spent communicating with the child. Freezing Baby Food Rules Refrain from storing avocados, bananas, melons and potatoes, they lose their taste properties and most likely the baby will refuse … Read more