Salt in the first feeding: norms and recommendations

Salt is one of the best flavor enhancers in the world. Culinary products become more tasty and fragrant, even not very successful dishes easily turn into acceptable ones for guests. However, adding salt to baby food is not recommended. The sooner a child is accustomed to proper nutrition, the better for his health. For this … Read more

How to teach a child to eat from a spoon

When the baby is 4-6 months old, he begins to show interest in adult nutrition and during the same period, he first gets acquainted with fruits and vegetables in the form of mashed potatoes from a small spoon, to which the child has yet to get used to. How to teach a child to a … Read more

How much and when to offer the child meat

Meat contains vitamins and minerals that are important for growing children, but eating it every day is not necessary or even harmful. What are the important nutrients in meat and how much is recommended? What nutrients are found in meat Meat contains important vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins B1 and … Read more

Peanuts to a child: when to introduce, research for reflection

Large-scale studies have shown that early introduction of peanuts in the form of powder or puree in children’s diets reduces the likelihood of allergies, but scientists have previously said otherwise. In recent years, research has shown that problems caused by peanut allergies can be prevented in several ways. A major study in 2015 brought a … Read more

Baby nutrition per year: baby menu

In the second year of life, most babies are familiar with adult nutrition, however, the fact that the baby has entered the second year does not mean that he is allowed to eat everything, so let’s figure out what the child’s menu should be in a year. Child nutrition per year – prohibited foods Spiced … Read more

Yogurt for a baby: when to introduce, benefits and harms

Yoghurt is a product created from pasteurized milk with the addition of strains of lactic acid bacteria, it can be bought ready-made or prepared on its own, but in both cases, the timing of introduction differs. Yogurt for a child – when to enter, how to choose The optimal age for the introduction of dairy … Read more

What not to eat for children under one year old: a list of products

Between the fifth and seventh month of life, most children taste the first spoonful of porridge. The new nutrition provides the body with all the important nutrients that are now difficult to obtain from milk. The diet expands significantly, while the risk of food poisoning and the development of an allergic reaction increases. What can … Read more

How to cook food at home

The choice in favor of homemade puree requires careful parental control – from the choice of products to the storage of ready meals. In order for complementary foods to bring only benefits, consider a few points. Choosing vegetables and fruits The preparation of complementary foods provides real freedom in the choice of products, however, you … Read more