Car seat: safety rules

Statistics show that only 18% of parents have the necessary knowledge of the rules for using car seats. Unfortunately, this worsens road safety and leads to tragic consequences.

Car Seat – Safety Rules 

In 2017, the government slightly changed its mind about the transport of young passengers. For children under 7 years old, a car seat or a carrycot is required, installation is possible on the front and rear seats. Failure to comply with the rule is fraught with a fine of 3000 rubles.

A seven-year-old passenger who sits in the front seat needs any certified restraint; belts are sufficient for the rear seat.

When the height of the passenger is 150 cm and the weight is more than 36 kg, only belts can be used. Seat belt adapters are not allowed.

Experts advise tightening seat belts as much as possible. Thanks to this, during a collision, the centrifugal force will not throw the child out, and in the event of a car overturning, there is a high chance that the small passenger will remain unharmed.

Another important point of the safety rule that worries many parents is the quality of protecting the baby in the stroller seat.

Experts strongly recommend abandoning this idea, since such a car seat rarely gets a good rating in crash tests.

If desired, you can purchase a car seat suitable for your stroller. This is especially convenient when you go for a walk in the park, and the baby often falls asleep in the car – the device will allow you to move the baby without waking him up. The cradle from the stroller is also dangerous.

Tests have shown that in most cases, in a head-on collision, the baby does not fly out of the cradle, but receives serious abdominal injuries from the seat belt.

Car seat installation rules

The safest place to install is in the center of the rear seat equipped with seat belts and Isofix system.

The center position provides the best protection in the event of a side impact, if this is not possible, install a seat behind the front seat.

Sometimes, the car seat can only be installed in front, in this case, make sure that the airbag is missing or disabled.

During the impact, it opens at a speed of 300 km / h, which is comparable to the strength of a baseball player.

A child under 13 kg is supposed to sit with his back to the driver, although in fact, it is better to leave him in this position for as long as possible. The fact is that during a head-on collision, a person’s head moves forward with great force, which the young passenger’s neck may not be able to withstand.

When the baby sits with his back to the front seat, the impact force is distributed along the entire back, which eliminates the risk of spinal fracture.

The rules exclude the installation of the car seat sideways or in any other way not specified in the instructions. For a better understanding of what happens in an accident, watch this video.