Baby won’t bottle feed: 5 common reasons

Switching to formula milk or short-term weaning of the mother is not possible without a bottle. What to do if the child refuses to drink from it? What are the little idealists’ reasons for this?

1. The wrong nipple

Sometimes, a child refuses a bottle because the nipple is uncomfortable for him – it may be too soft or, on the contrary, hard. Another reason is too fast or slow milk flow. Usually, pacifier replacement solves these problems.

2. Colds

The kid refuses because he has a cold, perhaps he is worried about a sore throat, nasal congestion, and there is no appetite at all. If this is true, try to visit the pediatrician as soon as possible, before meeting him, clean the nose and feed the baby in an upright position.

3. The desire for mother’s breast

Breastfed babies often do not recognize the “fake” and rebel against any change. Try to replace yourself with a close relative, for example, dad, for the first week of getting used to, so the baby will not have a reason to demand a breast and “adaptation” to the bottle will pass more calmly.

4. Teething

The whims in this case are understandable – the first teeth cause inflammation of the gums and their increased sensitivity, as a result of which the child does not eat from the bottle. Before feeding, use a special anesthetic gel (if the child is not allergic to it) or a cold teether.

5. Don’t like milk

Perhaps the fussy little one doesn’t like the taste of new formula or breastmilk after defrosting . If it is formula, consult your pediatrician for a replacement. Pay attention to the temperature, too warm or cool food is one of the reasons.

If the baby continues to refuse food, visit a doctor, it may not be a cold, but other diseases, such as ear infections, high blood pressure, or thrush.