Hot Summer: Helpful Tips for Cooling a Baby’s Room

Summer heat leads to poor night sleep: the baby is naughty, does not want to sleep in pajamas, and the duration of sleep is noticeably reduced. Part of the lack of sleep is solved by daytime rest, but the right approach to lowering the temperature in the house will help keep the whole family cheerful … Read more

What is the best memory method for your child?

We each have our own way of learning. Someone takes notes, others draw maps, others read aloud or walk with a book in their hands. Some of us leave learning until the last minute. Most practice memorization over several days and consolidate knowledge before going to bed. But which of the above methods works best? … Read more

Why soup is important in a child’s diet, how to cook and when to introduce complementary foods

If your child does not eat vegetables, herbs, fish and meat well, then soup can be a good option to please the little home gourmet. In addition, warm soup, perfectly warms in the cold season. It contains many useful substances. Why is soup important in a baby’s diet? Some nutrients are better absorbed when heated … Read more

Salt in the first feeding: norms and recommendations

Salt is one of the best flavor enhancers in the world. Culinary products become more tasty and fragrant, even not very successful dishes easily turn into acceptable ones for guests. However, adding salt to baby food is not recommended. The sooner a child is accustomed to proper nutrition, the better for his health. For this … Read more

Family vacation: how not to lose a child in another city

Children like to explore the world, it is good for them and at the same time it can hurt them. Sometimes a minute stop over a beautiful flower or an attempt to catch up with a kitten in an unfamiliar place, leads to the loss of parents from sight. It’s good if there are kind … Read more

What foods will help the student learn better: food for the mind

Numerous studies confirm the close relationship between nutrition and brain function. When our brain is forced to work hard, it needs to be properly “fed”. It primarily requires oxygen and water to function properly. If water is replaced with high-sugar fruit juices or carbonated drinks, the conduction of nerve impulses will be difficult, so it … Read more

What indoor plants are dangerous for children and what to do if the child is poisoned

Houseplants with gorgeous flowers are pleasing to the eye and improve the atmosphere in the house. But what seems like a harmless decoration to an adult can be dangerous for young children. Which indoor plants are not suitable for a child’s room Toddlers explore the world from different angles, so most items, including plants, are … Read more